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Student Representatives Room Regulations

Regulations for use of the “Student Representatives” room


  1. The following groups and individuals are reserved the right to use the room available to student representatives:
    ·representatives enrolled in assembly groups recognized as such within the Student Representatives Council and supporters of those groups,
    ·the Office of the President of the Student Representatives Council
    to carry out front office and administration activities for the group they are involved in or for the Office of the President.
  2. According to the Student Representatives Council regulations, members of the Student Representatives Council cannot enroll in any other group, establish or join mixed groups, which also have the right to use the room.
  3. In order to utilize the room, the President of the group must make a pre-emptive request to the Office of the President, indicating the necessary times of use, including both the hours and the days of the week, as well as a person who will be in charge for the one or more time slots of its use.
  4. The Conference of Group Presidents will make assignments for the room, creating a calendar for use at the beginning of each academic year. This will be done while taking into consideration the various requests received.
  5. Requests must be presented within the first 7 days after the official beginning of lessons for the academic year. Late requests will be accepted only if the room is still available.
  6. The Conference of Group Presidents will see to the assignment of the room's access keys, or in any case will see to making access possible, and will distribute keys for compartments assigned to each group.
  7. Rules regarding behavior inside the room are the same as those laid out for the study rooms of Via Bocconi 12. Moreover, it is the responsibility of the association/group that has requested use of the room to keep the room clean and orderly, as well as to carefully respect the hours and days assigned. Use of the printing service is entirely the responsibility of those using the service.
  8. Any violation of these regulations will result in:
    1. the involved students being reported to the Disciplinary Board by the President of the Student Representative Council;
    2. the entire group losing the right to use the room's service for one year.

The Group President will be required to adopt adequate measures to prevent punishable behavior from occurring.

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