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Student Disciplinary Procedures

Applicable sanctions and decision making bodies

Applicable sanctions may be as follows:

  1. Warning
  2. Temporary ban from one or more courses
  3. Exclusion from one or more exams for one or more exam periods
  4. Temporary suspension from the University and loss of exam periods (not more than three years)


All disciplinary sanctions are registered in the student's academic career, written in the transfer form, and in all university documents used in determining the student's graduation grade.
A disciplinary sanction more serious than a warning precludes any benefits (e.g. scholarships, housing, etc.) for the right to study.
Warning students is the responsibility of the Rector.
Banning a student from courses, exclusion from exams, and temporary suspension are the responsibility of the Faculty Council.




The procedure may be initiated by faculty members, students, non-teaching staff stating that punishable behavior has occured. The report is sent to the Director of the "Academic Affairs Division". 
The Director of the Academic Affairs Division will call a meeting of the Disciplinary Board which is nominated by the Rector, composed of:

  • Director of ISU Bocconi (President)
  • Dean of the Undergraduate School
  • Dean of the Graduate School
  • Dean of the Law School
  • Director of the Academic Affairs Division
  • Two of the five student representatives in the Faculty Council


The Board's function is to gather information, including the student's version of the facts, and draft a proposal for action to be taken (dismissal/disciplinary action). Proposals are sent to the Rector.
Except for cases of a warning, a formal charge is made and a formal letter is sent to the student's permanent or temporary address by registered mail with notice of delivery.
The letter briefly summarizes the facts.
The student is informed of the disciplinary action the day prior to the Faculty Council meeting. The student can request a hearing at the Faculty Council or may send a letter in his/her defense.
The decisions taken have immediate effect, they are communicated by the Rector to the student and to the offices involved (ISU) which will put them into practice, effective on the date indicated.


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