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Examination Rules

During an examination students:

  • cannot offer or receive any assistance, from teachers, students or any other party;
  • cannot attempt to obtain prior information about the specific questions of the exam;
  • cannot assume the identity of another nor allow others to assume their identity during an exam; nor can students present as their own a piece of work which has been copied, entirely or partially;
  • cannot keep mobile phones on their desks.


These rules do not substitute the University in the monitoring of the exams. The University will maintain strict exam procedures. At least one teacher will be physically present at each exam. The University moreover will do its best to ensure that the exams are taken in adequate rooms, with enough space and silence to allow students to concentrate. Teachers are required to set clear questions and to markexams following clear rules, allowing students to show their ability and degree of understanding of the subject area.
Violation of the above rules or instructions given by the teacher during exams, is cause for cancellation of the exam, and the start of disciplinary procedures.



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