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University Evaluation Unit

The Evaluation Unit is the body responsible to verify the adequacy and effectiveness of the University’s quality assurance system and processes and to makes proposals in order to improve them.
The role and tasks of the University Evaluation Unit are regulated by the University Statute (art. 32) and the General University Rules. It operates independently, according to the provisions set out by Italian Law no. 370/1999 and by Ministerial Decree no. 6/2019 (art. 7), and it refers to the University Board, the Rector and the Chief Executive Officer.

Standing members

The standing members, appointed with the Rectoral Decree no.99 of 21/12/2022 for the three-year academic period 2022-'23/24-'25, are:

Alberto Grando, (President)
Full Professor of Operations Management at Bocconi University

Sandro Castaldo
Full Professor of Management at Bocconi University

Valentina Mele
Associate Professor Department of Social and Political Sciences at Bocconi University

Laura Candotti
Director of Accademic Affairs – Bocconi University

Marcello Valtolina

Head of People & Culture – Bocconi University

Matteo Turri

Full Professor    Department of Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods
Università degli Studi di Milano

Marco Tomasi


University Evaluation Office
via Sarfatti, 25
email: valutazione@unibocconi.it


The University Evaluation Unit:

  • gathers the outcomes of the evaluation surveys and all other Quality Assurance activities, that it analyzes and assesses, giving feedback and suggestions to the University Board, the Rector and the Chief Executive Officer in order to improve the levels of efficiency, efficacy and quality of the University processes;

  • assesses adequacy and effectiveness of the University Quality Assurance processes carried out by the University bodies and units – according to their respective competences – by verifying the methods and tools used and the results achieved;

  • provides the Rector and the Chief Executive Officer with any opinion it is asked for regarding Quality Assurance and evaluation;

  • performs all other functions laid down by the law, insomuch as and where relevant and compliant for non-State Universities.

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