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Undergraduate School Council

Role and duties

The following responsibilities are assigned to the Undergraduate School Council:

  • to decide, within the limits established by the laws, regulations and this Statute, the management and organization of the teaching of the School's study programs
  • to approve the teaching regulations of the School's study programs. The teaching regulations of the study programs, adopted in compliance with the level of study, specify the organizational aspects of the study programs
  • to be constructive and informative in relation to the Academic Board.

According to article 24.1 of the Statute, the School Council is made up of the School Dean, who chairs the council, and by the Program Directors of the programs that are part of the School. Three student representatives will take part in School Council sessions, with participation limited to the subjects of major interest to them. Subjects in which students will take part in the School Council sessions will be identified through express instruction in the agenda and will decided by the Dean at the moment of the summoning of the university body.

Administrative heads of interested functions will participate in meetings, upon invitation by the Dean.



Prof. Annalisa Prencipe

Program Directors

  • Prof. Angelo Ditillo (Economia Aziendale e Management)
  • Prof. Laura Zanetti (Economia e Finanza)
  • Prof. Stefania Borghini (Economia e Management per Arte, Cultura e Comunicazione – Economics and Management for Arts, Culture and Communication)
  • Prof. Frederick Charles Williams (International Economics and Management)
  • Prof. Paolo Colla (International Economics and Finance)
  • Prof. Chiara Fumagalli (Economic and Social Sciences)
  • Prof. Italo Colantone (International Politics and Government)
  • Prof. Emanuele Borgonovo (Economics, Management and Computer Science)
  • Prof. Riccardo Zecchina (Mathematical and Computing Sciences for Artificial Intelligence)
  • Prof. Amelia Compagni (World Bachelor in Business)

Student Representatives

  • Emanuele Cabiale
  • Ludovica Arconte
  • Bianca Brunori
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