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International Affiliations and Network

The School of Law’s faculty members are engaged in study and research that often involves national and international debate through research projects, publications, seminars and conferences.

With students, researchers and professors from all over the world, our School is also an integral part of several prestigious international networks bringing together many other leading Law Schools.

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American Society of Comparative Law (ASCL)

The American Society of Comparative Law (ASCL), founded in 1951, is the leading organization in the United States promoting the comparative study of law. For our School, Pietro Sirena sits on the association’s Executive Board as Director, and Oreste Pollicino holds the role of Editor of the related American Journal of Comparative Law (AJCL).

European Law Faculties Association (ELFA)

The European Law Faculties Association (ELFA) was founded in 1995 by more than 80 Faculties of Law in Europe: today it has twice as many members from countries all over the world.

European Law Institute (ELI)

Founded in 2011, the European Law Institute (ELI) is an entirely independent organization with the aim of improving the quality of European law. Eleanor Spaventa represents our School on the Association’s Members Consultative Committee (MCC).

Asia-Pacific and Europe Law Institutes Alliance (APELIA)

The Asia-Pacific and Europe Law Institutes Alliance (APELIA) is a network of prestigious law schools and research institutes from the Asia-Pacific region and Europe. Established in 2019, APELIA aims to enhance cooperation among member institutions in legal teaching and academic research.

Bocconi and faculty members at the School of Law recognize the value and importance of this network of international relations for our students as well: they are encouraged to participate in study abroad to enrich their education and "learning by doing" courses to network with students from other law schools.

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