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Editorial Board

The Members of the Editorial Board are divided into Article Editors, responsible for the initial editing of the contributions received, and Executive Editors, conducting a second and subsequent review of the papers. The selected academic articles are finally subject to a substantial scientific control by the professors and experts of the Advisory Board.

In particular, the Editorial Board is composed of students in their third, forth and fifth year of studies who are selected on the basis of their curricula and of their demonstrated capabilities in critically analyzing academic papers. The selection of new members takes place at the beginning of each academic year: for further information please contact supervisingblp@unibocconi.it.


Advisory Board

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Current Editorial Board

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The Alumni of Bocconi Legal Papers are invited to sign up for the Newsletter to receive updates about the activities of the Journal and to participate in the annual Reception aimed at gathering current and past members of the Editorial Board in order to maintain and strengthen the network.

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