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Graduate School

Dean of the Graduate School
Prof. Carlo Salvato

The Graduate School coordinates and supervises economics and business Master of Science programs, as well as pre-experience Specialized Master programs.

The Graduate School offers:

  • internationally-focused Master of Science programs
  • pre-experience Specialized Master programs

The Bocconi Graduate School provides students with many research opportunities as well as an advanced education. Rounding out the educational offer are the School's international standing, widely- recognized competencies and its solid relationships with leading companies and institutions.



The Dean reports to the University Rector and has the objective of optimizing program and overall teaching quality, as well as encouraging a renovation of the educational programs offered. This is carried out while respecting the general economic balance of the structure.

The Dean also collaborates with the qualified administrative offices in defining:

  • selection procedures for incoming students;
  • placement procedures;
  • guidelines for the communications, recruitment and promotion of the School's educational offer.

The following educational programs make up the Graduate School:

  • Master of Science programs
  • Pre-experience Specialized Master programs

The School's organizational structure (School Council, Coordinator, Administration Office) is therefore divided into two corresponding sections.

School Council

Role and duties
The following responsibilities are assigned to the Graduate School Council:

  • to decide the management and organization of the teaching of the School's study programs
  • to approve the teaching regulations of the School's study programs and specify the organizational aspects of the study programs
  • to be constructive and informative in relation to the Academic Board
  • to use results from various forms of evaluation in order to improve teaching effectiveness and plan student activities.

The School Council is made up of the School Dean, who chairs the council, and by the Study Program Directors of the programs that are part of the School.

Three student representatives will take part in School Council sessions, with participation limited to the subjects of major interest to them and only in the case of the Master of Science program section. Subjects in which students will take part in the School Council sessions will be identified through express instruction in the agenda and will decided by the Dean at the moment of the summoning of the university body.
Administrative heads of interested functions will participate in meetings, upon invitation by the Dean.

Master of Science section Members

Prof. Carlo Salvato

Prof. Paola Dubini (Management)
Prof. Massimo Magni (International Management)
Prof. Giovanna Padula (Marketing Management)
Prof. Antonio Marra (Accounting, Financial Management and Control)
Prof. Simone Ghislandi (Economics and Management of Government and International Organizations)
Prof. Anna Battauz  (Finance)
Prof. Lorenzo Pozza (Business Administration and Law)
Prof. Alex Turrini (Economics and Management in Arts, Culture, Media and Entertainment)
Prof. Antonella Trigari (Economic and Social Sciences)
Prof. Claudio Panico (Economics and Management of Innovation and Technology)
Prof. Alessia Melegaro (Data Science and Business Analytics)
Prof. Lanny Martin (Politics and Policy Analysis)
Prof. Greta Nasi (Cyber Risk Strategy and Governance)
Prof. Francesco Perrini (Transformative Sustainability)
Luca Trevisan (Artificial Intelligence)

Student Representatives
Saverio Ciavarella
Martina Garavaglia
Davide Lezzi

Specialized Master section Members

Prof. Carlo Salvato

Prof. Davide Maspero - Quantitative Finance and Risk Management (MAFINRISK)
Prof. Gabriella Bagnato - Organization and Human Resources Management (MasterOP)
Prof. Andrea Manzitti - Corporate Tax Law (MDT)
Prof. Matteo Di Casteluovo - Green Management, Energy and Corporate Social Responsibility (MAGER)
Prof. Marco Merelli - Management of Transport, Logistics and Infrastructure (MEMIT)
Prof. Magda Antonioli - Economics of Tourism (MET)
Prof. Mara Cameran - Accounting, Auditing & Control (MAAC)
Prof. Francesca Golfetto - Marketing and Communication (MIMeC)

Program Coordinators

Ms. Nicoletta Bianchi, Coordinator of Master of Science programs
Ms. Fulvia Cammilleri, Coordinator of Specialized Master programs

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