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Quality Assurance System

Bocconi University promotes the assurance and continuous improvement of quality in all the activities that contribute to the pursuit and fulfillment of its Mission. For this purpose, the University has implemented a structured and integrated system of rules, mechanisms and procedures, serving to direct the actions and behavior of all University players (faculty members, administrative staff, students), towards the aim of achieving its institutional objectives. In this perspective, great attention is given to the quality of processes and results, as well as to meeting the needs of all the main stakeholders, starting with students.

The Bocconi University Quality Assurance System has been assessed as "fully satisfactory" by ANVUR - Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes (following the in site visit of an External Commission of Experts) and on the basis of this result the Ministry of Education (MIUR) granted the accreditation until 2022 (Ministerial Decree of August, 2 2017).

Link to the ANVUR accreditation report (17.05.2017)

The quality assurance procedures are applied internally under the control and supervision of the University Quality Assurance Commitee and refer to four main areas:

Student-Faculty Joint Teaching Committees

The Student-Faculty Joint Teaching Committees (CPDS) are bodies of the QA system of Italian universities playing the role of monitoring the quality and the conditions of teaching within Degree Programs as well as the support that faculty members provide to students.

The action of the CPDS is carried out both through the analysis of the Degree Program’s performance indicators and through the collection of information and remarks from the students enrolled on them. This activity flows into an annual report, which contains comments and improvement proposals concerning essential aspects of the educational processes, such as: teaching and assessment methods adopted, materials and learning aids used, contribution provided by the faculty members, classrooms, labs and other infrastructure provided for teaching (equipment, digital and technical tools, etc.).

At Bocconi there are currently seven CPDS, organized in such a way that each one groups a cluster of Degree Programs, which are similar in terms of subjects and/or vertically linked. Each CPDS is structured by assuring the presence of one faculty member and one student for each Degree Program of reference (with the exception of the Integrated Master of Arts in Law and CYBER, whose CPDS is made up of 2 faculty members and 2 students belonging to the Program).

The CPDS annual reports are drawn up separately for each Degree Program and sent to the University Evaluation Unit, the Quality Assurance Committee and the Degree Program Directors, for their respective areas of competence. The Program Directors, in particular, are asked to take into consideration the indications and proposals contained therein in order to define improvement plans for the future.


Policy for Quality in the Student Recruitment and Guidance Processes

Bocconi University aims to attract and recruit highly motivated, quality students coming from all over the world, through impartial and transparent selection processes, and to assist them effectively in the initial decision-making process and throughout their University career until the moment they enter working life.

Policy for Quality in the Student Recruitment and Guidance Processes

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