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Bocconi University was founded in 1902 by a visionary entrepreneur, Ferdinando Bocconi, through a generous gift in memory of his son Luigi, who died in a war. Proud of its strong Italian tradition and roots, Bocconi is a leading European research and teaching University with a strong international orientation focused on economics, management, law, and the social sciences at large.

The founders and early builders of Bocconi University made clear their vision of an independent research institution, where higher education in the area of business and economics would be grounded in high-level studies aimed at widening knowledge and contributing to the improvement of society.

Bocconi University strongly values its independence and freedom from any external political or economic power. Bocconi sees itself as a culturally open University , where the variety of personal experiences and backgrounds is valued and promoted, since such differences favor reciprocal understanding, the comprehension of social phenomena, the development of knowledge, and the education of future citizens of a globalized world. At Bocconi, diversity of gender, race, religion, age, nationality, sexual orientation, abilities, socioeconomic status, and geographic origin is therefore particularly valued and welcomed, in a context of mutual respect.

While a private institution, Bocconi has traditionally been more than an elite University. It has consistently promoted and practiced equality of opportunity among its many generations of students by actively subsidizing the education of disadvantaged and deserving individuals.

Bocconi University is grounded in a set of key values that guide and inspire all the activities of the entire community of students, faculty, administrative staff, and alumni all over the world: independence, meritocracy, integrity, respect, openness, pluralism, and social responsibility.

Our commitments and goals are intertwined:

  • To advance the frontiers of knowledge in the social sciences through rigorous and relevant research, thereby contributing to the international community of scholars and to the improvement of society.
  • To provide a University education that is at the cutting edge of knowledge, is intellectually rigorous, and has strong contemporary and professional relevance. In our educational activity, we strive to stimulate critical enquiry and analysis based on independent, logical reasoning. In addition, we aim to provide wide-ranging educational opportunities, not only for traditional students but also for active professionals and life-long learners, also leveraging on the power of information technologies.
  • To contribute to the socioeconomic development of our community by favoring social mobility and cultural development both in Milan and in Italy. We believe in the key role that a free university pursuing excellence in research and education can play for the benefit of its community and country.
  • To identify and anticipate future professional opportunities and provide satisfactory job placements for our graduates, while at the same time strengthening their entrepreneurial attitude.
  • To enhance the residential city campus life experience for our students and favor their active participation in a wide range of campus activities, including arts, sports, and social and cultural initiatives.
  • To ensure the financial strength of the university, prudently managing the equilibrium between revenues and expenses while engaging potential donors and building a compelling case for private support of the university
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