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Representation and Inclusion

Bocconi is committed to building a diverse and truly inclusive university. With students, faculty, staff and alumni from over 100 countries around the world, diversity is integral to Bocconi’s ethos.
Ensuring that all Bocconi students, faculty and staff members have the same chance to thrive, regardless of gender, gender identity, religion, national origin, ethnicity, socio-economic background, sexual orientation, disability or mental health needs, is something that benefits our entire community.
We are working towards Bocconi as a home of diversity, intercultural understanding, community engagement, equity and inclusion – a safe and nurturing physical and virtual space for all.

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Bocconi’s diverse and open community makes our campus an inclusive place where languages, experiences, cultures and ideas are exchanged on a daily basis, resulting in professional but also personal growth. Our students join a community of classmates and alumni from countries all over the world, building a network of relations that lasts a lifetime.
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  • Student Associations
    Students are free to establish new clubs or associations at any time. There are currently more than 100 student associations at Bocconi, including groups representing a number of international communities, and others promoting gender equality, gender identity and social engagement.
  • Committee for the Coordination of Student and Group Activities
    The CASA Committee supports inclusion initiatives for students by reviewing and approving student-led activities proposed by student associations. It reviews the proposals for the establishment and renewal of student associations. It also supports the communication and outreach activities of student associations with the student body. The activities of student associations on campus help foster the integration of students on the Bocconi campus.
  • Diversity@Bocconi: Culture, Religion
    Studying at Bocconi means experiencing comprehensive and challenging growth of a personal, cultural and educational nature in Italy’s most international city. The class schedule and exam calendar take some religious holidays into consideration, and the campus has an interfaith area open to all religious creeds. Specific dietary needs can also be accommodated on campus.
  • An International Community with Outstanding Students
    Bocconi is a truly international community, with outstanding students from more than 90 countries around the world.

Social Inclusion and Engagement

Bocconi recognizes social engagement and responsibility as values that are integral to its institutional identity. Because of this social commitment, the Community and Social Engagement project was established to contribute to the personal development of the students, faculty and staff that make up the Bocconi community.
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  • Community and Social Engagement Committee
    Bocconi is based on a strong system of values including pluralism of ideas, moral integrity, inclusion, solidarity and social mobility. Firmly believing that moral dimensions cannot be separated from economic ones, in 2008 Bocconi fully recognized social commitment and responsibility as founding values of its identity and set up the Community and Social Engagement Committee.
  • Volunteer Desk
    Offered in collaboration with CSV - the Volunteer Support Center in Milan and the Students for Humanity student association, about 80 hours of volunteering are donated each year through this help desk. It aims to help guide interested students towards a large number of associations and non-profit organizations operating across the Milan metropolitan area, as well as summer and international opportunities.
  • Pane Quotidiano
    This is a flexible volunteer opportunity, where volunteers can donate a few hours of their time to support the poorest segments of the population at an organization located close to campus.
  • Making Sense of Profits
    This is a way for students to put their economic and legal knowledge at the disposal of non-profit organizations, combining on-the-field experience in the world of work with social engagement that facilitates personal development and coming to grips with organizational dynamics.
  • Bocconi Community Days
    A two-day event dedicated to social engagement allows members of the Bocconi community – students, faculty and staff – to donate a few hours of their free time to volunteer activities.
  • Bocconi in Prison Project
    In 2016, Bocconi launched a project with the Opera Prison (located just south of Milan) where detainees study video recordings of lessons and programs provided by the University, and then meet the professors to consolidate what they have studied. The goal of the project is to set in motion a positive process, based on the dignity that comes from a commitment to study. The first student successfully graduated in April 2020.

Bocconi Networks

Bocconi believes in the importance of national and international partnerships and alliances among universities. These may take on different forms: joint programs, double or triple degrees, exclusive networks or alliances, all of which aim to allow universities to offer high value programs.
Our networks and alliances include:

  • CIVICA– The European University of Social Sciences
    Brings together ten leading higher education institutions specializing in the social sciences, humanities, corporate management and public policy, with a total of 50,000 students and 10,000 faculty. CIVICA represents on an ever-stronger combination of education, research and innovation to mobilize and share knowledge as a public asset and to facilitate civic responsibility in Europe and beyond.
  • Conference of Italian University Rectors
    Bocconi is a proud member of CRUI, an association of public and private universities in Italy.
  • Partner Schools
    Our partner schools include many leading universities around the world specializing in the social sciences, from economics and business, to data science, political science and law.
  • International Networks
    With our first exchange agreements dating back to 1974, our network is expanding every year, allowing more and more students and alumni to find opportunities abroad.
  • Manifesto on an Inclusive University
    Bocconi joined other universities in Italy by endorsing the Manifesto on an Inclusive University in May 2023. Sponsored by United Nations agency UNHCR, it is a support tool to facilitate access to tertiary education for forcibly displaced persons and aims to promote their social integration and active participation in academic life.

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