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Our Staff: A Team of Experienced Resources

At Bocconi, a focus on Staff is both a founding principle and one of our strategic goals. Recruitment activities and continuing learning opportunities for personnel aim to retain and promote people with high potential.

The University aims to hire young talents: candidates go through a strict and comprehensive recruitment process to ensure the best resources are engaged.

A variety of courses on communication, technical and teamwork/empowerment skills – with 70% of employees participating in 2017 – provide continuous development of transversal skills. In addition, a performance and assessment system has been developed over the years, for both employees and managers.

The University also organizes work-life balance initiatives and other services focusing on personal wellness. These include smart-working, part-time schedules, the Ni.Bo company daycare, and merit-based scholarships and Bocconi tuition and fee reductions for the children of employees.

Staff also participate in cultural events on campus, as well as in sports, musical and theater associations at Bocconi, thus contributing to Campus Life in both professional and personal capacities.

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