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B4Gov - Bocconi for Government Week 2017

20-24 february 2017


20 February

There Is More Than One Kind of Public Management: Comparing public managers in Europe (in Italian)
Presentation of the OCAP-SNA book "Selection and Assessment Systems of Public Managers in Europe" 
Room 01 SDA Via Bocconi 8 at 11:00am-2:00pm
As part of the opening ceremony for the 8th edition of EMMAP (Executive Master in Management of Public Administration), researchers from OCAP-Laboratory on Changes in Public Administration will present results from research conducted with SNA-National School of Administration and coordinated by Professor Giovanni Valotti from Bocconi University. Models comparing management in nine European cases will be presented, with particular focus on two key processes: access and selection systems and systems assessing individual performance.
By invitation only

Careers in International Organizations: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Diplomatic Career (in Italian)
Room Perego via Sarfatti 25 at 1:00-2:30pm
Organized by the Markets and External Affairs Division - Career Service
Event reserved to Bocconi University students
For more information: +39 02 5836.5725

Presentation of EMMAP 7 - Executive Master in Management of Public Administration Projects
Rooms 01 and 02 Via Bocconi 8 at 3:15-6:30pm
By invitation only
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21 February

Basics of Fundraising Strategy: Capital and endowment campaigns 
Room N36 Piazza Sraffa 13 at 8:45-10:15am
Open lecture by Giulia Cappellaro, Bocconi University
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Presentation of EMMAP 7 - Executive Master in Management of Public Administration Projects
Rooms 01 and 02 Via Bocconi 8 at 9:00am-6:30pm
By invitation only
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Innovation in Health Insurance (in Italian)
Aula Magna Via Gobbi 5 at 10:00am-12:30pm
Health insurance, whether collective or individual, is a phenomenon of increasing interest in Italy and elsewhere. The debate related to its development is still not very well-structured and, at times, is marked by ideological streaks referring to abstract juxtapositions between public and private. The research presented here aims to provide more solid foundations for evaluation, investigating the phenomenon in five countries, including Italy, all with considerable public healthcare systems. The focus is how the market and “health insurance” products are rapidly innovating and how these innovations can set up new forms of integration between public and private systems.
Online registration

The Ambitious Scandinavia-Mediterranean European Railway Project. Background and perspectives on the Brenner cross-border route (in Italian)
Room 31 Via Sarfatti 25 at 11:00am-1:00pm
Organized by CERTET Center for Research on Regional Economics, Transport and Tourism and MEMIT Master in Economics and Management of Transport, Logistics and Infrastructure. Speakers: Ezio Facchin Government Commissioner for the Brenner Railway Route and Oliviero Baccelli (Director of CerTet and Coordinator of MEMIT, Bocconi University).
For more information: MEMIT, phone +39 02 5836.6881, fax +39 02 5836.5272, memit@unibocconi.it

A Journey into Gender Gaps: Historical, political and cultural aspects 
Room 203 Via Sarfatti 25 at 2:30-4:00pm
Open lecture by Paola Profeta, Bocconi University
Online registration

Graduation Ceremony for EMMAS - Executive Master in Management of Healthcare and Health Education Companies
Aula Magna Via Gobbi 5 at 2:30-6:30pm
EMMAS Award Ceremony. "Surprising Healthcare" - Integration of the public and private sector in healthcare management and crisis prevention.
Speakers: Mario Del Vecchio OCPS SDA Bocconi School of Management; Alessandro Rasino Uni.C.A.; Francesco Saverio Violante SIMLII; Fausto Francia and Carlo Signorelli SITI; Paolo Cavagnaro FIASO; Laura Figorilli General Director, ASL Rieti; Francesca Lecci Director, EMMAS XV; Elio Borgonovi President, CERGAS Bocconi University; Giuseppe Soda Dean, SDA Bocconi School of Management.
By invitation only

Unequal Cities: The challenge of the outskirts and their management (in Italian)
Room N23 Piazza Sraffa 13 at 4:30-6:30pm
Organized by NextPA. Speakers: Luigi Bobba Undersecretary of State for Labor and Social Policies; Luciano Gualzetti Director, Caritas Ambrosiana; Raul Pantaleo Architect, TAMassociati, Venice; Giovanni Valotti Full Professor, Bocconi University; Greta Nasi Associate Professor, Bocconi University. Moderator: Stefano Arduini Editor-in-Chief, VITA.


22 February

Global Actors in Health: The private sector – transnational corporations
Room R02 Via Balilla 18 at 8:45-10:15am
Open lecture from Master of International Health Care Management Economics and Policy by Eduardo Missoni, Bocconi University
Lecture is part of the course “Global Health” in MIHMEP
For more information: joanne.matthews@sdabocconi.it

Tourism Products at Local Level: The role of tour operating
Room 43 Via Sarfatti 25 at 10:15am-12:00pm
Open lecture by Magda Antonioli, Bocconi University
Online registration

Project Risk Management: Identifying, analizying and responding to risks
Room 12 via Bocconi 8 at 12:00-1:30pm
Open lecture by Marco Sampietro, Bocconi University
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Working in and with International Organizations: bridge the gap between theory and practice 
Conversation with Ersilia Vaudo European Space Agency
Room N10 Piazza Sraffa 13 at 1.00-2.15pm
For the Master of Science in Economics and Management of Government and International Organizations
Room N10 Piazza Sraffa 13 at 2.30-4.00pm
Event reserved to Bocconi University students
For more information: infocareer@unibocconi.it

Graduation Ceremony for EMMAP 7 - Executive Master in Management of Public Administration
Aula Magna Via Gobbi 5 at 3:30-5:30pm
Speakers: Giuseppe Soda Dean, SDA Bocconi School of Management; Giovanni Valotti Bocconi University; Gianfranco Minutolo Bocconi Alumni Association; Silvia Rota SDA Bocconi School of Management; Raffaella Saporito SDA Bocconi School of Management
By invitation only

23 February

Defining Innovation and Value of Health Technologies. Value based frameworks 
Room 43 Via Sarfatti 25 at 10:30am-12:00pm
Open lecture by Aleksandra Torbica, Bocconi University
Online registration

Management and Funding Models for Dialysis: Opportunities for public-private collaboration (in Italian)
Room X-Lab Via Bocconi 8 at 11:00am-1:45pm
This workshop has the aim of presenting and discussing innovative contractual models, based on the concept of public-private partnership, for the management of dialysis services. These contracts may refer to the legal arrangement of tenders and concessions and allow for a substantial level of flexibility that supports customization based on the needs of healthcare companies. In addition, by transferring several risks to the economic operator, they allow for the achievement of significant outcomes in terms of improving the level of patient services.
Online registration 

Attracting, Motivating and Developing Talents in the Public Sector (in Italian)
Room 01 Via Bocconi 8 at 12:30-2:30pm

Presentation of results of research on tools for the recruitment, management and motivation of talents in public administration in Italy and other countries. Speakers: Giovanni Fattore, Bocconi University; Stefano Acanfora, General Manager of Purchases, Region of Lazio; Roberto Banchero, Head of Human Resources, Lombardia Informatica; Giovanni Maria Ferraris, Councillor of Sports, Local Police, Staff and Organization, Region of Piedmont; Marco Simoni, Economics Advisor to the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers; Lucia Valente, Councillor of Work, Equal Opportunities and Staff, Region of Lazio; Guido Borsani, Deloitte; Guido Cutillo, EY; Silvia Morera, PwC; Pier Luigi Verbo, KPMG.
Information and Online registration

The Age of Uncertainty 
XXII CLAPI DAY Master of Science in Economics and Management of Government and International Organizations II Day
Room N11 piazza Sraffa 13 at 2:30-4:00pm
Speakers: Emma Bonino Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Founder, No Peace Without Justice; Paolo Magri Director, ISPI Italian Institute for International Political Studies ISPI; Valentina Mele Director, Master of Science in Economics and Management of Government and International Organizations, Bocconi University.
Information and Online registration

Face to Face with Italian Minister Dario Franceschini (in Italian)
Aula Magna Via Röntgen 1 at 4:15-6:00pm
Interview with the Italian Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism Dario Franceschini. Opportunities for growth and development in cultural heritage and entertainment for the country will be discussed, as well as the critical role of recent reforms aimed at empowering the action and management of cultural institutions in Italy.
Online registration


24 February

Leadership at Local Organizations: Prospects for change in city and province administration (in Italian)
Room N03 Piazza Sraffa 13 at 10:00am-1:00pm
Closing conference for the SDA Bocconi-National Union of City Administrators in Lombardy and Tuscany management training program. Presentation of results of a survey on the multidimensionality of activities completed by Administrators in management, administration and policymaking.

Graduation Ceremony for MIHMEP - Master in International Healthcare Management, Economics and Policy 
Aula Magna Via Gobbi 5 at 5:00-8:00pm
By invitation only





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