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MILAN 2023

This year too, from 13 to 18 November, Bocconi is participating in BookCity Milan with a rich agenda of meetings.

The main theme of the event is the time of the dream, understood as "that elusive moment that lives in the depths of sleep, but transforms waking life".

The program includes open lessons, meetings with authors, and cultural events, to talk about books but not only.

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MONDAY 13 | 11 | 2023




Paola DUBINI Bocconi University - Filippo TANTILLO author

There is an Italy where the towns are abandoned, the population is ageing and the landscape is losing its human hand. It is an empty Italy, but one that contains our country’s future – much more than one would think. Lands grappling with climate change and a shifting world economy, traversed incessantly by human movements. From the glistening Occitan valleys of Piedmont to the ancient heart of Sardinia, passing through the warm colors of the central Apennines, in the sandy towns on the Ionian Sea coast, at the base of the continent's largest volcano, with the migrants of Friuli. This is a journey to the margins of our country, a country much larger and more diverse than it is often depicted, in search of a space still open to the possible.

Filippo Tantillo L'Italia vuota. Viaggio nelle aree interne Laterza 2023

FRIDAY 17 | 11 | 2023



SPEAKERS Alessandro BORCHINI Piccolo Teatro di Milano - Lanfranco LICAULI Teatro alla Scala - Monica LOSS Fondazione Haydn di Bolzano e Trento - Francesca PECORARO author - Alex TURRINI author, Bocconi University - Mark VOLPE author

Obtaining the right professional skills and building solid relationships with both public and private sponsors – based on similar grounds and interests, but also on cultural organizations’ ability to credibly demonstrate that what is invested actually returns to the community as value (cultural, economic, social, etc.) – are essential factors to successful fundraising. Furthermore, it is imperative that the proactive and communal approach to fundraising be part of the organization’s corporate culture at all levels, becoming the "glue" among all its members. In other words, in every cultural organization, governance and fundraising are so closely intertwined that the future of a theater or symphony orchestra depends on the board's effective ability to strategically share responsibility for fundraising success, beyond their individual functions and roles. How, though, can this invaluable balance be achieved?

Alex Turrini, Francesca Pecoraro, Mark Volpe Fundraising for the Arts Bocconi University Press 2023

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