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The Bocconi4Bookcity program is built around presentations that investigate the response of cities and their cultural policies to the socio-economic challenges posed by the post-pandemic world. Two events (one in Italian and one in English) are organized jointly with Milano Unesco City of Literature and involve the Italian network of creative cities and Manchester, respectively, in company of two Egea authors, Lorenzo Kihlgren Grandi and Ezio Manzini.

The tenth anniversary of Bookcity and the installation of the first statue in the City of Milan dedicated to a woman are instead occasions for reflecting on the cultural and social capital of Milan. Finally, Bocconi d'Inchiostro (Bocconi in Ink) has invited Francesca Crescentini, better known as the blogger Tegamini, to return to the alma mater and shed light on the Italian contemporary publishing scene.

THURSDAY 18 | 11 | 2021


Ten years of Bookcity. Cultural policies in action

Organized by Bocconi University + BookCity Milano

In 2012, the Promoting Committee and the Department of Culture of the City of Milano gathered all Italian publishers to involve them and all the stakeholders of the publishing industry in a joint project. The goal was to put books, readings, and readers at the center of city life, by organizing events and presentations to encourage cultural participation and promote Milano as the capital of publishing. Ten years since the first edition of BookCity Milano, it’s time to reflect upon the role of active cultural policies at the local level, and the cultural challenges that a city like Milano is currently facing.

Paola Dubini Bocconi University
Antonella Minetto Social BookCity
Oliviero Ponte Di Pino BookCity cultural coordinator – Ateatro

Livestream available at this link on the day of the event


Caring for Communities: A New Challenge for Cities and Cultural Organizations

Organized by Bocconi University + Milano UNESCO Creative City of Literature + Egea

We increasingly consider cities as a unit of analysis in economics, politics and sociology. However, cities are not homogeneous and we are being asked to pay attention to the micro level, as Ezio Manzini discusses in his book Abitare la prossimità (Livable Proximity). One of the implications of the new urban policies is a "caring attitude", a higher attention to the specificities of individual neighborhoods and their distinctive cultural infrastructure. We will discuss with Ezio Manzini the experience of Manchester UNESCO City of Literature and how reading can reduce urban inequalities and promote a higher level of cultural participation.

Paola Dubini Bocconi University
Ezio Manzini Author
Jo Flynn Communications and Partnerships Manager, Manchester (UNESCO Creative City of Literature)
Reece Williams Community Engagement Manager, Manchester (UNESCO Creative City of Literature)

Livestream available at this link on the day of the event


The Women's Public Space

Organized by Bocconi University + Centro di ricerca interuniversitario Culture di genere + Egea

The City of Milano finally has a monumental statue portraying a female public figure, and another will be inaugurated in the course of 2022. Cristina Trivulzio of Belgiojoso and Margherita Hack, whom the two statues are entitled to, are two complementary women protagonists of the struggle to build a more equal society that offers equal gender opportunities. The round table dedicated to this initiative discusses the political and symbolic significance of the choice of giving public space back to women, by instituting sites for the sharing of values and common experiences.

Alessandro Brivio Sforza Fondazione Brivio Sforza
Valeria Bucchetti Politecnico di Milano
Mauro Ferraresi IULM
Mariateresa Maggiolino Bocconi University
Paola Profeta Bocconi University; author, Gender Equality and Public Policy: Measuring Progress in Europe (Cambridge University Press)
Barbara Tagliaferri Fondazione Deloitte

Registration required at this link

FRIDAY 19 | 11 | 2021



Culture as a Distinctive Element of Cities 


Organized by Bocconi University + Milano UNESCO Creative City of Literature + Egea

The role of cities on the world stage is changing, with more and more urban centers capable of asserting themselves as engines of change inside and outside their borders. In a context characterized by extreme volatility and controversies, the ability of municipalities to build profitable international dialogues between a multiplicity of local identities is fundamental today. And culture, which has always been an integral part of urban identity, is a key element in the framework of the international strategies of municipalities.
The UNESCO Creative Cities Network is one of the most important instances of structured collaboration between an international organizations and municipal governments. Born to foster cooperation between cities for which creativity is a strategic element in sustainable urban development, the network connects participating cities, which engage in the exchange of innovative practices to make creativity and cultural industries crucial drivers of their development plans.

Cristiano Casa Assessor, City of Parma (UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy)
Francesco De Biase City of Torino (UNESCO Creative City of Design)
Paola Dubini Bocconi University
Federica Forti Assessor, City of Carrara (UNESCO Creative City of Crafts and Folk Art)
Lorenzo Kihlgren Grandi Author, Diplomazia delle città. Strumenti e pratiche per una centralità strategica internazionale (Egea)
Stefano Parise Director, Area Biblioteche, City of Milano (UNESCO Creative City of Literature)
Vittorio Salmoni National coordinator, UNESCO network of Italian Creative Cities
Monica Sciajno City of Torino (UNESCO Creative City of Design)
Gianmario Verona Rector, Bocconi University

Registration required

Livestream available at this link


Chatting With Tegamini. Publishing in The Age of Social Media

Organized by Bocconi University + Bocconi Students Association Bocconi d’Inchiostro

A dialogue with Francesca Crescentini, better known as Tegamini on social networks, about her profession as a blogger, book influencer and content creator - in short, a person who offers “a key to interpret the world”. For Francesca it is a return to her alma mater, where she earned a degree in Economics and Management for Art, Culture, Media and Entertainment (CLEACC). Over the years, she worked for the publishing industry, in marketing and translation for Einaudi, sensing in advance the potential of blogs as tools for interacting and sharing with people, a large container where everyday life blends with a passion for reading.
From her Instagram profile that has now reached 150,000 followers, Tegamini help the audience shed light on the contemporary publishing landscape, exploring the new trends and professional skills that are increasingly upending the traditional world of books and reading.

Aura Bertoni Bocconi University
Francesca Crescentini blogger and content editor
Federico Bonezzi Bocconi Students Association Bocconi d’Inchiostro
Rebecca Bonugli Bocconi Students Association Bocconi d’Inchiostro

Livestream available at this link

* In compliance with anti-Covid rules, please remember that to attend the vents on campus, you will need to have a Green Pass and wear a mask.

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