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Art. 1 – Definition
The Competition “Bocconi for Digital Public Administration Award” is promoted by Bocconi University aimed at all undergraduate, graduate, PhD and MBA students of Italian and foreign universities looking to submit agile and concrete solutions with respect to known problems in the public sector or to contribute to redesigning the Italian public administration or part thereof of the future. Each group must include at least one student duly enrolled in the 2018-2019 academic year on a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, pre-experience Specialized Master, PhD program at Bocconi University, or a pre-experience Specialized Master or post-experience SDA Bocconi School of Management Master programs.

Art. 2 – Aim of the Competition
The aim is to reward the design and development of solutions to transform the public administration and which encourage it to be more innovative.
Participants are invited to submit concrete responses to public sector problems which relate to, for example:

Agile solutions to known problems.
The proposal is based upon identifying a new problem or addressing a known and unresolved problem and offers an innovative solution through the use of technologies, or other tools.
The project may focus upon initiatives, services, projects or simply existing processes relating to each area of activities in which the public sector works, at every level of government.


Radical transformations to redefinethe public administration of the future.
The proposal identifies emerging challenges and issues that guide the culture of public operators or influence the functioning of the public sector in the future, based upon emerging technologies.
The project may focus upon new ways of thinking, methods, technologies and frameworks, in support of the ways in which the public sector acts or that influence active, co-created collaborations with (new) partners.

Art. 3 – Requirements of Participants

The 2018-2019 edition of the Competition is aimed at groups of university students in Italian and foreign undergraduate, graduate, PhD and MBA programs, with the project representative being a student of Bocconi University.
The proposals must be submitted by a group of a minimum 3 and maximum of 5 people.
The project representative must be a student enrolled in a study program at Bocconi University (at the Bocconi Undergraduate School, Graduate School, School of Law, PhD School, and SDA Bocconi School of Management) in any course year in compliance with the enrollment policies of the 2018-2019 academic year.
Teams consisting of students originating from different study programs and multi-university and multi-disciplinary teams are welcomed.

Art. 4 – Participation

The initiative is structured as follows:


Registration and submission of proposal

Groups must present their candidacy by completing all sections of the form available online and submit the proposal by 30 November 2018.


The project representative must pre-register the group and its members in order to receive a unique code to permit submission of the proposal.

Pre-registered groups may have the opportunity for consultation with mentors while formulating their proposals.


By 30 November 2018 (11:59pm), all registered groups must prepare and submit a proposal structured into two documents:

— a one-page press release aimed at communicating to citizens the impacts of their project;

— a proposal of a maximum 4 pages in which they describe:

1. one (or more) objectives that are to be achieved;

2. the contents of the project (meaning, the scope of application, the implementation methods and the implementation conditions);

3. an explanation of the expected results of the entire project, by defining a set of qualitative/quantitative measurement indicators;

4. the phases and timeframes of implementation and production of the results.

As part of the proposal, groups can include tables and images as annex.

Selection of the projects admitted to phase 2

The projects admitted to phase 2 are selected by a specific Commission appointed by Bocconi University consisting of at least one Bocconi University lecturer, an expert in digital transformation and a public manager.


Mentoring and deployment

The project representatives of the groups admitted to phase 2 will be notified by 20 December 2018.

The selected projects will be admitted to the mentoring phase with the support of lecturers from Bocconi University or experts who will assist them in refining the proposal and in further developing the same.

All projects admitted to phase 2 will be briefly presented to the public as part of the awards event.

Presentation of projects and assessment

The groups must present a revised and refined press release and proposal by 28 February 2019.

Final assessment

The winning projects are selected by the specific Commission appointed by Bocconi University. The Commission will make the final assessment of the projects based upon the following criteria:

— impact for public sector stakeholders;

— real contribution to transforming public administration.

Art. 5 – Limitations of Liability
Bocconi University does not accept any liability for any technical malfunctions that may negatively affect the application procedure or the notification of the result. By way of example but without limitation, Bocconi University shall not be liable for interruptions of network connections, failed data uploads, incorrect or incomplete data and unsuccessful communications with participants due to spam filters which block communications from Bocconi University to participants.

Bocconi University is not liable for the use - lawful or unlawful - of third party contents used by participants without authorization.

Art. 6 – Prizes

Two winning projects will be chosen by the end of March 2019:
The group that submitted the winning project for the 2018-2019 edition will receive a maximum monetary prize of € 35,000
•    The Commission may also award a  winning group in the 2018-2019 edition access for each member of one group to participate in one of the four concentrations offered in spring 2019 as part of the  Master of Public Administration at the SDA Bocconi School of Management.

The methods of participation in educational programs are based upon operational criteria defined directly by SDA Bocconi School of Management. In particular, the selection criteria and timescales provided by SDA Bocconi School of Management must be respected.

In accordance with regulation art. 30 DPR n. 600/1973 and resolution 28/10/1976 prot. 1251, the prizes are attributed in recognition of specific artistic, scientific, social merits of the individuals in producing an artistic, scientific or literary work.
The winner(s) of the prize is/are obliged to include the award received in the annual income return for the purposes of determining the overall income subject to IRPEF taxation.
The awarding of prizes is at the sole discretion of the commission.

The participant in the Competition declares:

  1. that the project documents (hereafter, the “Materials”) provided as part of the Competition have been and will be created in respect of every existing legal provision, therein including the regulation on copyright;
  2. to have full ownership and availability of all intellectual property rights relating to the Materials submitted for participation in the Competition;
  3. that the Materials do not violate any copyright, industrial right or other right of third parties (therein including, merely by way of example, right of image or confidentiality), or existing laws and regulations, and that the information contained therein is lawful and correct, does not cause offence to persons or entities and is compliant with the principles of public order and morality;
  4. to undertake to indemnify and hold harmless Bocconi University its collaborators and any others who participate in the selection or execution of  the competition from any claim by third parties, along with any cost, direct or indirect damage, loss, expense or prejudice, in any way deriving from the Materials;
  5. to be aware that any violation of the foregoing, as soon as it is identified, will lead to immediate exclusion from the Competition and the obligation to return any prize won;
  6. to accept that Bocconi University may publish, in the event of winning the Competition, on the websites of the Bocconi University and on other websites, as well as on the social networks on which it has pages, the Materials together with the personal details and photos of the participants as above

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