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Final paper and Degree

Updating in use starting from the Graduation Session of July 2008

Starting from the Graduation Session of July 2008 the phases of allocation and submission of the final paper have been modified. Students who intend to graduate by the Graduation Session of July 2008 must fulfill the following updated criteria.
The other phases for the right completion of the final paper procedure remain unchanged, therefore students must follow the rules reported in Guide to the University a.y. 2007-2008.

Assignment of the final paper

Università Bocconi offers a Final Paper Service structured as follows:
- in each Department the Service follows the student in the orientation phase. Graduating students can go to the Final Paper Service in the tutor Department of reference. The list of Final Paper Service referents is published on the website (either in each Department section, either in the Undergraduate School section).
- in the Secretary's Office of the Undergraduate School (Grafton Building, Rooms E3-01 and E3-02) the service helps the graduating students during the IT procedure management phase (inserting of the assignment and, once completed, the submission of the final paper).

The formal assignment of final papers can take place only after students have enrolled inthe third year of studies.

In order to be assigned the Final Paper the student must print the "Choice of Final Paper title" form (PDF, 38 KB), have it signed by the tutor and bring it to the Secretary's Office of the undergraduate School to enter it in the IT procedure.

NOTICE see the "Guide for writing the Final Paper" published on the Guide to the University 2009-2010.

Assignment procedure

Graduating student must:

  • download from the Bocconi website 2 copies of the "Choice of Final paper Title" form;
  • fill out the form by specifying his student ID number, Surname and Name, Degree Program, academic year, year of studies;
  • go to the tutor to complete the form by specifying the final paper title, final paper language, tutor , tutor Department;
  • go to the Secretary's Office of the Undergraduate School and hand in a copy of the completed form (to be entered in the IT procedure) and keep the other copy.

Final papers may be cancelled by the Secretary's Office of the Undergraduate School:

  • if students request so;
  • if the allotted time for the assignment has expired.

Submission of the final paper

Graduating students after interacting with their tutors for writing the final paper must enter the final paper abstract autonomously, have the approval by the tutors and hand in the approval and the final paper CD-ROM to the Secretary's Office of the Undergraduate School.

Submission procedures

Graduating students:

1. should access the SOLFET - Servizio Lavori Finali e tesi ( Final Paper and Thesis Service ) procedure and enter their final paper abstracts (which summarizes the final paper's main topic) autonomously. It is possible to make changes to the abstract by the deadline for making the graduation reservation.

2. download and print (two copies) the approval form (for the submission of the final paper) which is generated by the SOLFET procedure. This form includes:
- Final paper title;
- Name of tutor ;
- Tutor's Department;
- abstract of the final paper

3. Fill out and print declaration of conformity (i.e. that the contents of the CD ROM conform to what the student has written and approved by the tutor);

4. submit:

  • the approval form for the final paper submission to the tutor who checks if the abstract is correct and make any changes to the title of the final paper and sign the form;
  • hand in to the tutor, if the tutor request it, copy of the Final Paper in paper or in electronic format;
  • hand in the approval signed by the tutor to the Secretary's Office of the Undergraduate School;
  • submit the final paper CD-ROM following the formatting specifications indicated in the following paragraph and the final paper PDF file to:

    - the Secretary's office of the Undergraduate School up to the week before the deadline for the submission of the final paper which is indicated in the graduation session calendar;
    -to the Desk of the Servizio Ritiro Lavori Finali (Grafton Building - I floor area E4 Room SR02) in the week prior to the submission deadline;
  • pick up the receipt of the final paper submission.

Third parties can submit the final paper but only under presentation of their ID, delegating paper and complete copy of the ID of the graduating student.

Submission is considered to be final. Once the final paper has been submitted, no requests for any modifications of any type will be accepted.
The deadlines for submitting final papers are indicated on the Graduation Calendar.

Each Department sets the maximum period of time from assignment to submission; this period cannot be greater than 6 months.

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