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Quick Reference for Bocconi Alumni

Bocconi Alumni in a few words
Becoming Bocconi Alumni means having an experience that begins with an educational program that will then accompany you throughout life.

There is a large community of 110,000 Bocconi Alumni around the world, an active network of relationships in line with Bocconi University’s international ambitions and image. 

The BAA is the Association for all Alumni who have attended one of the Bocconi Schools, therefore for anyone who would like to maintain ties with their Alma Mater and the other Alumni located all over the world. Being a BAA Member  is a choice that is a natural convergence of the professional and personal tracks that began at Bocconi, with a growing desire to actively participate in an experience that instills pride and the wish to continue to be a part of it. 

Studying at Bocconi lasts a lifetime.
Lifelong global learning: in Italy, abroad and over the web, accessible by all Alumni from all over the world.
The BAA organizes exciting opportunities for lifelong learning, many of which are exclusive (or have discounted costs) for Members.

Alumni increasingly request support for Post Experience Career advice and the BAA offers opportunities to find new professional positions, develop careers and get in touch with other Alumni worldwide, all free of charge for Members.
Opportunities include:
The professional Bullettin is an online collection of offers for Bocconi Alumni with more than three years of work experience (Alumni who graduated less than three years ago should contact the Career Service at the University or SDA.
Mentoring is a track made up of informal meetings with a Senior Mentor Alumnus who – based on their full and positive experience – advises, leads and answers questions on specific sectors or positions, encouraging the professional and personal growth of the Mentee.

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