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Fashion and Design Management


Course Coordinator Prof. Stefania Saviolo

Instructors Prof. Stefania Saviolo, Prof. Erica Corbellini, Prof. Nicola Misani

Course Description

Fashion and design are complex and fascinating industries that inspire and are inspired by our global society and currently face the issues of sustainable growth, digitalization and globalization. Taking advantage of a cross-industry approach, this course provides an in-depth understanding of supply chains, business models and growth strategies of the global fashion and design industries, focusing on the most contemporary issues, such as sustainability. With the connection between creative and managerial activities as the core topic, you’ll also complete a project work and meet industry leaders.

Course Structure

The course includes six modules:

  1. Decoding the global fashion system: what stays, what’s new after the pandemic
  2. The Italian Textile, Fashion and Design industry within the global scenario: reasons for success, current structure and key challenges
  3. The fashion communication eco-system and the digital challenge
  4. Evolving business models in textile, fashion and design and best cases
  5. Business model innovations for sustainability
  6. The fashion supply chain at global level and the issue of circularity

Course Objectives

Course objectives can be synthesized as follows:

  • Understand the dynamics of the global fashion landscape and the Italian model;
  • Learn how to distinguish the different business models and drivers for business model innovation;
  • Understand the textile industry and its challenges;
  • Identify the different players within the fashion communication ecosystem and the concept of transmedia communication;
  • Learn how to build an engaging brand narrative according to the different business models;
  • Analyze what sustainability means in fashion.

Traditional lectures will alternate with case discussions, interaction with outstanding guest speakers and group work sessions.

Course Material

Handouts available on the BB. Selected readings available on BB.
Books available at the Bocconi Library:

  • Stefania Saviolo, Gianmario Borney (2021) “The Branded Supply Chain” Bocconi University Press (compulsory, all chapters except for Chapter 3)
  • Erica Corbellini, Stefania Saviolo (2009), “Managing Fashion and Luxury Companies”, ETAS (not compulsory, suggested)

Assessment Methods

100% Individual Written Exam (multiple choice and short open questions)

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