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Timing of Activities

Class activities:

1st semester courses:       from early September to early December 2020

2nd semester courses:      from early February to mid-May 2021(*)



1st semester courses – “main” session: January (for some courses: early session from around December 10 to December 20*)

2nd semester courses – “main” session: from early February to mid-May.

Three exam periods (also referred to as “sessions”) are available (three for 1st semester courses and three for 2nd semester courses).

Students should try to sit for their exam in the first (“main”) session; nevertheless, as some exam dates might overlap, students are given two more sessions during the academic year in order to allow for better scheduling.

The two additional sessions also serve as retake sessions for those students that failed the exam in the previous session.

Detailed information about exam sessions will be published in late May.

Final work:

From the end of the 2nd semester courses (mid-May) to the end of October 2021.

Two alternative types of final work: short research paper or internship + report on internship

The end of October is the deadline to get the supervisor’s final approval of short research papers as well as the deadline to get the tutor’s approval for reports on the internships. The final work must be recorded in the academic transcript by the end of October 2020.

Ceremony of diplomas: 

End of November – early December 2021. 


(*) Christmas break from around December 22 to January 6; Easter break from around April 2 to April 6.

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