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Program Structure

In the first year, students study the conceptual and operative tools needed to understand the environment and behavior of markets from the demand side and the supply side (competitive contexts, behavior of consumer and industrial purchasers, distribution systems analysis) and the salient aspects of marketing management (strategic outlook, product management, innovation development and corporate communication).
Students then specialize in one of the areas focused on professional expertise and future career openings by choosing one of the majors proposed by Bocconi or by devising a set of courses to be chosen from among the ones available within the program.

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First Year (at Bocconi, Milan)

First Semester
Main topics:

  • Strategic Marketing Tools
  • Market Sensing
  • Global Vision and Economic Scenarios

Students acquire a consumer-centric attitude, to develop the fundamentals of strategic marketing and understand how to analyze industrial structures and dynamics.

Second Semester
Main topics:

  • Go-to-Market Tools
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Innovation and Competitive Paths

This semester completes the pillars of marketing, developing a multidisciplinary set of competencies for problem solving and research and allow students to acquire a solid mindset for innovation and competitive challenges.

Second Year (at Bocconi, Milan and/or abroad)


Free Track

Study Abroad Programs

  • Double Degrees with:
    NHH Norwegian School of Economics (Bergen, Norway)
    Queen’s School of Business (Kingston, Canada)
    Universidade Catolica Portuguesa (Lisbon, Portugal)
    Universität Mannheim (Mannheim, Germany)
    The University of Melbourne (Melbourne, Australia)
    WU Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (Vienna, Austria)
  • Exchange Programs

Internship (compulsory)
Foreign languages
(two languages)
Enhancing Experience - Curricular Supplementary Activities

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