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Master of Science Programs 2020/21 AY



International Applicants can enter the selection process if they acquire/have acquired a valid and recognized 1st cycle qualification (Undergraduate level) by 31st October 2020. Only for CHINA MIM admitted International Applicants, the deadline is end of June 2020.

In order to access admissions to a Master of Science program, students must hold a Bachelor Diploma (1st cycle qualification) that must be suitable and valid for the purposes of accessing a 2nd cycle of studies (like Master of Science Program is).

Suitability of the academic degree for admission to Master of Science programs is established from the University where the admissions application is submitted: each establishes its own criteria and regulations (including required documentation) for admission and enrollment in a study program.

Bocconi University deems as valid a Bachelor Diploma (I level degree/undergraduate Programs) with at least:

  • 180 educational credits (ECTS)
  • a length of at least 3 years
  • not professional
  • comparable to an Italian Bachelor Program
  • issued by a foreign University that is recognized within the educational system of the Country issuing the degree which allow continuing studies in a post-graduate (II level) program
    (i.e. an undergraduate degree issued by a US University in Greece must be recognized as valid for the purposes of continuing studies in a post-graduate program in the United States).
  • A first cycle degree from a Bocconi Partner University (.pdf) is considered valid

Within the scope of Autonomy, the Admissions Office of Bocconi University evaluates in detail the educational qualifications of all applicants: for any question regarding the validity of an academic program, please contact the Admissions Office by email ONLY once the application has been completed.

Please note that anyone with a degree in economics or other subjects (in the latter case in part based on an evaluation by the Program Director) may be admitted to a Master of Science program.

According to the type of University studies completed, attending pre-courses (without exams) may be suggested if admitted.

Bocconi University does however deem NON suitable several programs/origins due to their specific CONTENT, as skills and knowledge acquired are evaluated as not adequate to fruitfully attend a post-graduate university studies in a strictly economic field (e.g. professional training programs, programs passed in a distance learning system, academic diploma ...).

If the Admissions Office has not enough elements of evaluation to verify your academic path, we will ask you to provide us with the diploma supplement if available in your educational system and/or a Declaration of Value.

If the Declaration of value is required, students will find a specific message in their selection results.

Students will be asked to provide the declaration of value directly in the enrollment procedure and the original document will be asked during the final meeting with the Admissions Office (in September).

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