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Computer science for business (5006/5132)

For students who have attended Computer science for business (code 5006) or Computer skills (code 5132) courses during past academic years, it is possible to substitute the curricular exams with one of the following certificates:

  • IC3 or IC3 2005 Plus
  • ECDL start (equivalent to modules Computer Essentials, Online Essentials, Word Processing and Spreadsheets of the New ECDL certification).

Below it is possible to find the New ECDL exams syllabuses: 

Syllabus Computer Essentials
Syllabus Online Essentials
Syllabus Word Processing
Syllabus Spreadsheets



Traditional exams
There will be four exam sessions for each academic year; the exam involves practical use of a PC and will be held in a computer classroom. Exam will be done using Windows 7 and Microsoft 2016. Students can register for the traditional exams via yoU@B Diary.

Automate exams (ECDL)
The exams are administered via the AICE software system.
The versions available at the Bocconi test center referring to individual exams are:

ExamsAvailable versions
Computer EssentialsWindows 7
Online EssentialsFirefox / Thunderbird 15.0.1 - IE10/Gmail - Google Chrome and Gmail
Word ProcessingMS Office 2016
SpreadsheetMS Office 2016

Each exam consists of 36 questions, to be answered in a maximum time of 45 minutes. To pass each exam the candidate must answer correctly at least 75% of the questions. 

The final mark (out of 30) will be converted as indicated in the conversion table available here.

In order to take ECDL exams, it is necessary to have a valid Skills Card. For further information on how to purchase a Skills Card, register for exams and other rules, please visit the section New ECDL

0.5 point on the final thesis 

Obtaining one of the following certificates will give students (only those enrolled for the 2007-08 academic year in their 3rd year of a Bachelor program) the right to have 0.5 point added to their final thesis:

  • Complete ECDL (Core or New ECDL)
  • IC3 2005 Plus
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