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How to apply for a city public transportation card

If you are going to use public transport every day, the ATM transportation card is probably the best solution for you. (ATM stands for: Azienda Trasporti Milanesi S.p.A. which is the public transportation company in Milan). This electronic, rechargeable pass allows you to travel throughout the Milan urban area by ATM subway, buses and trams, urban rail lines of the Trenord and the "Passante ferroviario" (Urban Railway Network). ATM offers different kinds of cards in order to meet all travelers' needs, including a monthly, unlimited pass.

Further information on how to apply and the application form will be provided upon arrival.

How to request an Italian Tax Code - Codice Fiscale

The Codice Fiscale (Italian Tax Code) is a personal code (combination of numbers and letters) which identifies each individual person in Italy when dealing with public offices and/or administration. For example, you may need it in case you want to open a bank account in Italy.

To obtain a Codice Fiscale you must submit the following documents to one of the Agenzia delle Entrate located in the city:

  • Passport PLUS two photocopies of the personal data/visa information pages;
  • Non-EU students must show their permit of stay, permesso di soggiorno OR the receipt of their Post Office application;
  • Completed green and white form provided at the Agenzia delle Entrate.

You should receive your Codice Fiscale at the time you apply.

How to open a bank account

Before leaving for Milan, check with your home bank if they have a branch in Italy or any special agreements with an Italian bank.

If you would like to open a bank account in Italy, you will need to submit the following documents at the bank of your choice:

  • Codice Fiscale, Italian Tax Code (see information above);
  • Valid form of identification (official ID / passport);
  • Certificate of enrollment at the University (can be printed at a Punto Blu kiosk on campus);
  • Non-EU Students are also required to show their permesso di soggiorno, permit of stay OR receipt.

How to get a mobile phone/ a SIM card

Several phone companies operate in Italy. You can go to any mobile phone store and ask to see their cell phone/mobile plans. If you are staying for one year or longer we suggest you request a year-long plan (abbonamento). If you are staying for less than one year we suggest that you buy a SIM card that has a pay-as-you-go/top up plan using rechargeable cards (carta ricaricabile). You can purchase rechargeable cards from any Tobacconist's. If you sign up for a plan, make sure you find out how much it costs if you cancel and how many months' notice you must give (if any). For further information, download our Welcome to Bocconi guide.

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