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Italian Language Courses


Each semester the International Student Desk organizes Italian language courses for exchange students to help  them with the Italian language.

The following courses will be offered to exchange students for the 2019-2020 academic year:

The Italian Crash Course and the Follow-Up Courses are optional, extra-curricular courses, and therefore will not be included in students' study plans or official transcripts. Furthermore, credits will not be issued.

Italian Language Courses FALL SPRING
Online application mid-May late May late October early November
Crash Course late August early September late January early February
Follow-Up Course late September  late November late February mid April

How to sign up/apply:

Students interested in signing up for Italian language courses can register during the online application for the exchange program. Students who have registered for the Italian language course will need to take an online placement test which will determine their appropriate course level. There is a time limit for completing the test; after submitting their test, students will no longer be able to access it. Students will also be required to pre-pay an enrollment fee online by credit card.

Students can choose between one of the following two options:

  1. Italian Crash Course ONLY (40 hours of lesson)

  2. Italian Crash Course + Follow-Up Course (40 + 30 hours of lesson). This option is open only to those students who enrol in, attend and pass the following Crash Course levels: Beginner, Pre-Elementary,  Elementary and Pre-Intermediate. 

Please note: it will not be possible to register for the Follow-Up Course without registering for the Crash Course.

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