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MBA Courses

MBA students who come from schools with whom we have an exchange at an MBA level are be able to attend our MSc courses only.
In addition, they might have the opportunity to take some MBA classes at our Professional Management School called Scuola di Direzione Aziendale (SDA). In fact, every semester there are some courses, both in Italian and in English, to be chosen among the variety of slots available from MBA program.

The courses offered to exchange students change every year so we will not be able to give information on the courses until the current semester. The spots available to Bocconi exchange students are made available only after the SDA students have registered, and the students' curriculum is evaluated by the MBA office, who finally decides who to accept or not.

Summing it up: MBA students have to plan the exchange at Bocconi taking into consideration the MSc. courses only, and then they may have the chance to register for some MBA classes too (only MBA program at SDA, not other Master programs).

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