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Course Selection

The online Course Selection for the Fall semester of the AY 2022 - 2023 will run from August 24-26, 2022, through the yoU@B student diary at agenda.unibocconi.it

Exchange students will also have the possibility to change their study plan during the Add/Drop period scheduled between September 8-15, 2022 (upon courses availability). After September 15, 2022 no changes will be allowed. All the courses included in the student's study plan will appear in the Bocconi final transcript.

Courses are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis, therefore we recommend that you expand your tentative course list, in order to have backup alternatives and a higher chance of being allocated your preferred Bocconi classes.

Since exchange students can choose among courses of every year and every Degree program, there may be overlaps between classes. Different class groups with the same course code may have a different class schedule. Different class groups may be awarded a different number of credits.

In case you need assistance in building your study plan, you can contact the Academic Advisors.


  1. Exchange students are expected to select min. 1 up to max. 5 courses per term.
  2. Undergraduate students can choose only among courses offered at the undergraduate level (identified with code 30xxx). Graduate students are allowed to choose both undergraduate (30xxx) and graduate (20xxx and 50xxx) courses.
  3. Students who wish to take all the exams by the early exam session for exchange students (December 12-22, 2022), have to ensure that the classes they select have no exam time conflicts. The exam schedule is available at the following link www.unibocconi.eu/exams. 
  4. If two final exams are scheduled on the same day and time, students can select both courses and sit the exams in different available exam sessions. Bocconi University has multiple exam sessions (Fall semester exam sessions: December, January, January/February).
  5. Exchange Students are not allowed to add language courses in their study plan.
  6. Some courses may have specific restrictions: carefully check the "Suggested background knowledge" section available in the course profile.
  7. IMPORTANT: please take note that some courses may have the same contents/program. For this reason, we strongly suggest that you contact the professor/s in charge of the corresponding courses and verify with them the possibility of attending both classes.
  8. CEMS students are required to select their courses from a CEMS specific list. For further information on CEMS requirements, please refer to cems@unibocconi.it
  9. THEMIS students can find further information about courses approved by the THEMIS network and program requirements on the Themis webpage. For further information on Themis requirements, please refer to themis@unibocconi.it.
  10. For more information on CIVICA requirements, students can reach out to civica@unibocconi.it

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