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BSc and MSc programs

Students must pay the entire amount of academic tuition and fees to Bocconi University, on the basis of the deadlines and methods defined by the Fees Funding and Housing Office.

The amounts relating to academic tuition and fees do not include any additional necessary or ancillary fees such as, for example, the graduation fee, payment for participation in special programs, payment for certificates for which you are kindly requested to refer to the dedicated website pages.

Tuition and fees are due in their full amount from first year of enrollment and for each academic year of enrollment

Amounts and installments

The amount of academic tuition and fees are divided into installments, the details of which are shown in the following pages and are also published in the Financial situation — Payments section of the You@B Agenda, usually by mid November :

ProgramA.Y. 2022-23A.Y. 2023-24
Bachelor of Science and Law programsLinkSoon available
Master of Science programsLinkSoon available

Methods of payment

The payment of University fees can be made either with the MAV or PagoPa online system.

After clicking on the “Payment code”,  with reference to the MAV, clicking on the “Print MAV” bottom it will be possible to use the MAV printed online or the MAV code for the payment through www.scrignopagofacile.it or through your online bank in Italy.

It is specified that the time for the automatic registration of the payment, which will be confirmed by changing the color by red to green, in correspondence with the payment code, usually vary from 3 to 5 working days.

With reference to PagoPa clicking on the “Payment code” and then selecting “Choose the payment method” you will be redirected to the online platform to complete the transaction.

Choosing this payment method, the PagoPa online system will process the transaction within few minutes, with a significant reduction of registration times at Punto Blu and it will be confirmed by the color change from red to green.


The deadlines for the payment of academic tuition and fees are the same for all students, regardless of the course ( for students enrolled to a Bachelor and Law programs, Master of science) and year of study. However, it is specified that the expiry of the first installment (advance payment) for students enrolled in the first year of the course is strictly linked to their enrollment session.


A.Y. 2022-23A.Y. 2023-24
1st installment Advance07/09/2022 starting from 2nd year of study Soon available
1st installment Adjustment01/12/2022Soon available

2nd installment

31/01/2023 Soon available

3rd installment

28/04/2023Soon available

Consequences when deadlines are not met

Payments for tuition and fees made after the official deadlines cause:

  • A penalty fines equal to 100 euros, charged the day after the registration of the late payment.

Therefore, we invite you to check the "Financial Situation-Payments" section on Agenda yoU@B in case of payments of one or multiple installments after the deadline foreseen. Failing the payment relating to penalties (in addition to University contributions) makes it impossible to enroll in the following academic year. It will not affect educational and administrative activities and to register for the exams (except for the suspension of teaching and administrative activities as described below). 

  • Automatic suspension of access to teaching and administrative services according to the prospectus below. The Fees Funding and Housing office will carry out controls on the regularity of the student's financial situation upon the request by the interested student. 
A.Y. 2022-23A.Y. 2023-24
1st installment AdvanceIn case of payment not registered by 10/10/2022Soon available
1st installment AdjustmentIn case of payment not registered by 11/01/2023Soon available
2nd installment 
In case of payment not registered by 01/03/2023Soon available
3rd installment 
In case of payment not registered by 30/05/2023Soon available
Payments to be done with different deadlines than the official ones cause the suspension of teaching and administrative services from the 31st day following the expiry date.

A penalty fine equal to 100 euros will be charged also in case of late enrollment to the academic year.

Check the Guides to University to verify the deadlines for enrollment to academic year.

When the financial position is not regularized, student can't enroll to next academic year but can register for exams (except in case of suspension of teaching and administrative services).

Consequences in case of disciplinary sanctions

Students who receive a disciplinary sanction as:

  • Temporary ban from one or more courses;
  • Exclusion from one or more exams for one or more exam periods

are required to pay the total amount of academic tuition and fees due, according to the official payment deadlines defined by the Fees, Funding and Housing Office.

Students who receive a disciplinary sanction as:

  • Temporary suspension from the University and loss of exam periods (not more than three years)

are required to pay the total amount of tuition and fees for the academic year in which the decision is made, based on the official payment deadlines defined by the Fees, Funding and Housing Office.

In case of disciplinary sanctions that may have a duration of over a year, at the time of the end of the sanction and the consequent re-enrollment in a specific academic year, will apply the regulation defined for re-enrollment after an interruption of their studies for the years of non-enrollment (link)

The specific rules on the revocation of each individual benefits apply to students who are recipients of economic benefits.

Graduation fees

Students enrolled in the 2022-2023 a.y. who intend to graduate are required to pay, in addition to academic tuition and fees, a graduation fee equal to: 

  • 215 euros for Bachelor of Science programs;
  • 365 euros for Integrated Master of Arts and Master of Science programs

Starting from the last year of Bachelor of Science/Master of Science programs, the payment related to the graduation fee is also available at Punto Blu. If the fee payment increases between payment and the date of graduation, no extra charge will be made.

This payment should be made at least on month before the application to graduate, regardless of the dates of expiration. It is valid for all the graduation sessions held during the current academic year and for the following year. This is in the student's interest.

Applications to graduate (through "Punto Blu") will be accepted only if this payment is visible in the student's financial position.

Students who have paid the graduation fee and intend to transfer to another university or leave before ending their courses, may submit a reimbursement request.

The pages of Bocconi website are an official publication of the regulation of academic tuition and fees.

Details about the payment of tuition and fees for Specialized Master programs are available in the dedicated section of the website.

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