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Round out your knowledge

Interdisciplinary courses 2021-2022

The "Round out your knowledge" interdisciplinary courses are opportunities offered to Bocconi students to enrich their cultural backgrounds on topics not related to economics and law.

Previous knowledge of these topics is not required. Students who attend classes will be given a certificate of participation.

Fall semester

Doctor House, Bioethics and Communication (in Italian)

The course will be held in Italian. For further information please visit this page.

Geopolitics: workshop "Understanding the world around you"

The course is offered in collaboration with ISPI. For further information please visit this page. . 

Intercultural Communication


Intercultural communication is defined as a communication process that takes shape within linguistic and social communities in which there is the co-presence of individuals belonging to different cultures.
Intercultural communication promotes respect and knowledge of differences in favor of growth and enrichment for each person involved.
What will you get from this learning journey?
- Ideas and information that can inspire insights on the topic
- tips and tools to effectively guide one's behavior in culturally heterogeneous environments.

Main Topics

• The channels of communication: verbal, non-verbal and para-verbal.
• The axioms of human communication: we always communicate, how to do it in a positive way?
• From prejudice to perception: the concept of lens and its mechanisms in the relationship with others
• Tools to understand the other's lens: questions and listening
• The role of silence in different cultures
• The role of emotions in Intercultural communication
• Non-verbal communication: intercultural differences in what is lawful and what is not
• Obstacles and stereotypes: how do they affect us in the relationship with the others?
• The role of preparation: a key help to understand what differs from us.

4-11-18-25 November, 6:30-8 pm.

4 November
The fundamentals of communication: axioms in practice
11 November
Intercultural communication: a reference model to guide behavior
18 November
Conscious intercultural communication: obstacles and barriers
25 November
Conscious intercultural communication: opportunities and growth

How: online through Zoom

Coordinator: Tania Paradiso

Registrations: through yoU@B Diary (Widget Various activities), period of registration: 14/10 — 01/11


The course "Learn about the brain | Conoscere il cervello" will be held in Italian.

For further details, please visit this webpage.

Spring semester

Information on the courses offered in the Spring semester 2021-2022 will be made available starting from December 2021.

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