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Student Associations' Initiatives

All student activities are approved by the CASA Committee (or its delegates) that operates by principles collected and periodically adjourned. 

Here you can find the documents of reference, that are FUNDAMENTAL to know in order to plan your activities in an achievable way.
It is the President's and Vice-president's duty to deeply know the content of such documents:

A. CASA Committee Role and Functions

B. CASA Committee — Guidelines for organizing events

C. CASA Committee — Technical Manual for organizing events  

D. CASA Committee —  Regulations for Registering and Accessing Services for Student Associations at Bocconi University

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CASA Committee Composition

The Committee for the Coordination of Student and Group Activities (CASA) is in charge for the evaluation of the student associations' activities.

The CASA Committee is representative of the whole Bocconi community, as its 9 members are chosen from each component of the community. At the moment these are the members of the Committee:

  • faculty members: prof. Catherine De Vries (President).
  • staff members: Paolo Cancelli, Laura Candotti, Silvia Tracchi, Erika Zancan.
  • students: Chiara Sacchetti, Francesco Citti, Marco Giovanni Ferrari.

The Committee meets 9 times per year

CASA Commitee Meeting Schedule

The CASA Committee is in charge of evaluating the approval  of events and the requests of funding for activities organized by students and associations.

For a.y. 2020-21 the CASA Committee Meetings and related deadlines are the following:


Committee Meetings
Applications must be submitted by
(within 23:59 of the given day)
Thu. 10 September 2020Wed. 2 September 2020

Wed. 23 September 2020

Wed. 16 September 2020

Thu. 22 October 2020

Thu. 15 October 2020

Wed. 18 November 2020

Wed. 11 November 2020

 21 January 2021

14 January 2021

 24 February 2021

17 February 2021

24 March 2021

17 March 2021

22 April 2021

15 April 2021
27 May 202120 May 2021
12 July 20215 July 2021


Do you have any more doubts?

Consult the FAQ page!


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