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Organizing an event

a) What is CONCEPT EVENT used for?

It is used for the following operations:
1. Completing the PROPOSAL for an event
2. Approving or blocking an event after it has been approved by the CASA Committee
3. Receiving notifications from offices regarding organizational aspects of an event

b) When do I need to submit a request?

Event and off-campus initiatives requests must be submitted following the deadlines indicated here (CASA Commitee Meeting Schedule)

c) I would like to organize an event with the collaboration of an external association, can I cite it on the poster?

If the event has been approved, you cannot include the logo on the event’s promotional materials, but you can include the phrase “In collaboration with…”
Please note: The collaboration must be clear in the proposal uploaded in Concept Event.

d) Is it required to have a Bocconi faculty member as one of the speakers?

No, only events including speakers from outside the University must include at least one Bocconi faculty member on the panel of speakers. You can contact one of the faculty members included in the PERMANENT FACULTY, and their availability to participate must be indicated in Concept Event.

Areas and set up

In consideration of the University guidelines for returning to campus, all student activities can be held exclusively online for AY 2020-2021, until further notice.

Student associations will not have the possibility to request room/Campus Life areas reservations for their activities (Events, Bocconi Community Gatherings and Internal meetings) until further notice.

Student associations are allowed to organize online activities/events following these guidelines:

  • > Internal meetings and Bocconi Community Gatherings (without external speakers): without previous authorization of the Committee, on any platform according to personal preference;
  • > Events (with external speakers): according to modalities and deadlines indicated in the Regulations, associations can organize events upon approval of the CASA Committee and using only Microsoft Teams. Recordings of the events and/or streaming on social networks are not allowed (Facebook, Instagram, etc.);
  • > Company Visits: according to modalities and deadlines indicated in the Regulations, associations can organize events upon approval of the CASA Committee, also in presence if agreed with the company.


a) When can I request funding from the University for an event?

Requests for funding must be completed through Concept Event BEFORE completing the event, generally at the same time as the request for approval of the event.

b) What do I need to do to receive a reimbursement of the amount approved by the University?

Before the end of the month after the invoice, you need to submit the request for reimbursement to the Campus Life Office (comitatocasa@unibocconi.it) along with:
- invoice issued to Università Bocconi with the phrase “paid” or receipt of payment.
- signed report of the completed activity (by the "person of reference on EB)
- poster and/or other promotional material, which must include the phrase “Initiative funded with contributions from Università Bocconi”

You can choose to receive the reimbursement via wire transfer (the beneficiary can be only the student indicated as administrative referee in concept event)

c) Can I do fundraising activities on campus?

Tickets cannot be sold and fundraising cannot be completed on campus for internal or third-party activities, including those for charity purposes.

d) Can I request my event to be sponsored by one or more subjects from outside the University?

Yes, you can have one or more sponsors, who must be declared when requesting approval for the event.
Please remember:
1. Before contacting potential sponsors, contact the Development Office and Alumni Relations and confirm the communication in the request completed on Event Bureau.
2. If the sponsor has been confirmed with the University, promotional material may include the phrase “In collaboration with…/with the support of…” BUT the logo may not be included.

Please note: These FAQs are made to give you detailled information about some aspects of a student-run event. To get the full picture please refer to the CASA Committee Regulations HERE

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