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Study Plan

The first three semesters introduce you to the fundamental notions and concepts concerning the study of management, economics, quantitative methods, accounting, finance and commercial law, with a clear focus on the international aspects of these fields of knowledge.
After the common curriculum courses, you can choose between the major in Economics and the major in Finance.
During the final part of the program, you have the opportunity to further boost the international profile of your education by studying at leading universities abroad and/or by undertaking internships in Italy or abroad. Internships, exchange programs and innovative teaching methods enable you to sharpen your problem solving approach and develop lateral thinking skills.

1st year   CP
Semester I Management 10
  Mathematics, Module 1 (General) 8
  Economics, Module 1 (Microeconomics) 9

Critical Thinking Seminar
Semester II Economics, Module 2 (Macroeconomics) 8
  Computer Science 6
  Mathematics, Module 2 (Applied) 7
  Introduction to the Legal System, Module 1 6
  First foreign language 4
2nd year   CP
Semester I Economic History 6
  Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis – Module 1 5
  Financial Markets and Institutions 6
  Statistics 8
  Introduction to the Legal System - Module  2 6
Semester II Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis - Module 2 5
  Corporate Finance 6
  Leadership and Managerial Skills Seminar 1
  Second foreign language 4
  Major in Economics:  
  - Markets, Organizations, and Incentives 6
  - International Economics 6
  Major in Finance:  
  - International and Monetary Economics 6
  - Financial Economics 6
3rd year   CP
Semester I 4 Major compulsories ** 24
  CSR & Ethics in Business (seminar) 2
  Major in Economics: Empirical Methods for Economics (Introduction to Econometrics) 6
  Major in Finance: Empirical Methods for Finance (Introduction to Econometrics for Finance) 6
Semester II Globalization, Societies and Institutions (seminar) 2
  Comparative Business and European Law 7
  Elective 1 or internship 6
  Elective 2 6
  Major in Economics: Macroeconomics and the World Economy 6
  Major in Finance: Business Strategy 6
  Final Paper 3
Total credit points   180

Program requirements are subject to change.

**List of Major compulsories:

Major in Economics

  • The Economics of Imperfect Labour Markets
  • Economics of Institutions and Culture
  • Public Finance
  • European Economic Policy
  • Development Economics
  • Monetary Theory and Policy

Major in Finance

  • Management of Financial Institutions
  • Corporate Valuation
  • Introduction to Options and Futures
  • Principles of International Finance
  • International banking

The positioning of the major compulsories courses in the I semester is just an indication. The positioning in the I or II semester is annually decided by the Academic Planning.

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