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When to apply for a Bachelor Program

Bachelor programs 2020/21 ay

17 April update:

Bocconi University services are still active and applications are currently being accepted for the 2020-2021 academic year. However, focus on the current Covid 19 contingency remains high: in light of the new regulations enacted, and considering a possible extension of the adopted measures up until May 2020, with consistent restrictions on travels and gatherings involving a significant number of people, we are implementing the possibility to issue the test scheduled on 30 May 2020 in an online format.


rounds of selection

There are three selection sessions available for admission to the 2020/21 AY:

  • Early session the first round mainly dedicated to second-last year secondary school students (2018/19 Junior year students), willing to apply in advance for the 2020/21 AY.
  • Winter session — second round open to last year secondary school students (2019/20 Graduation year students) and to students coming from other Universities. The majority of places available will be assigned by the end of this round;
  • Spring session — third and last round that assigns remaining places (approximately the 10-15 % of total places available). It is open to last year secondary school students (2019/20 Graduation year students) and to students coming from other Universities.

Selection process deadlines

2020/21 AY
Early session
28 March '19 5 June '19
12:00 noon Italian time (GMT +1)
28 June 2019
19 September  2019
Winter session
29 October '19 — 14 January '20
noon Italian time
(GMT +1)
31 January 2020
5 March 2020
Spring session
12 March '20 12 May '20
12:00 noon Italian time (GMT +1)
30 May 2020*
7 July 2020
  • 20 March, update. Due to the ongoing health emergency, the Bocconi test has been postponed from 24 April to 30 May 2020. Students that have already sent their application, will receive detailed information soon.

As competition is really intense, candidates are recommended to apply as soon as possible. As a matter of fact, early applications can have greater chance to be successful, to meet financial aid/scholarships opportunities and to respect all the student visa deadlines (set for NON-EU applicants).

The World Bachelor in Business Program has specific application and admission procedures. Details on www.unibocconi.eu/wbb

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