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Bachelor Programs 2020/21 ay

 Every year, Bocconi University selects the best candidates and sets a number of students who can be admitted to its programs in order to guarantee the best welcoming conditions and success in the academic path and to facilitate the entrance of our Graduates in the professional world.

24 first-years classes will be activated for the academic year 2020/21 AY. Every bachelor program has a different number of classes and places.


Before starting the online application, it will be necessary to check the following aspects:

  • Category of applicant
    Check whether you can participate as an “Italian applicant” or as an “International applicant”;

  • Selection test
    It is possible to participate in the selection with one of the following test:
    with the official score of a SAT or ACT test. The results have to be available by the application deadline;
    by sitting the Bocconi selection test

  • Secondary school diploma
    Please carefully verify the secondary school diploma requirements for enrollment, as well as the specific diploma requirements integrations. More information available here.
    Profiles of candidates whose secondary school diploma does not meet the necessary requirements will NOT be taken into consideration for admission.


The selection is based on the following elements:

Recommendation and/or reference letters (both academic and non-academic) are NOT among the evaluation elements, and therefore will NOT be taken into consideration by the Admissions Committee.

The Bocconi selection test
The Bocconi test is comprised of multiple-choice questions and measures math and logical reasoning skills. International candidates can sit the Bocconi Test in Milan or in other venues (places are unlimited only in Milan).
Please check the Bocconi test webpages for information on venues, test details and, in case of disabilities or learning disabilities, possible measures of support to take the Bocconi test


In order to participate in the selection it is necessary to submit an online application through the My Application portal (further information on the Focus on area).

Filling out the application is easy, but it takes time because you will need to scan and upload documents on the system. We invite you to check timelines to make sure to meet the deadlines.

It is essential to provide accurate information on the application, together with complete and updated documents. The documents need to be uploaded in My Application. Documents sent via e-mail and/or postal mail will NOT be taken into consideration by the Admissions Committee.

For every submitted application an application fee of €100 is compulsory.

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