Covid-19 Emergency

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The health emergency we are facing has undoubtedly deeply affected all our lives, but it has also demonstrated the Bocconi community’s capacity for resilience and innovation. Further responsible actions are required from everyone at an individual and collective level.

All teaching activities, exams and graduations are currently being held remotely.
Bocconi University is engaged in gradually and progressively resuming on-campus services and activities, in compliance with the rules and indications of local and national authorities.

The University aims to stay in touch with the entire community, including students, faculty and staff, with regular communications and updates.



Phase 3 Begins in September 2020

Dear Students,

Starting in September, Bocconi will enter Phase 3. We are already preparing to welcome you back with maximum safety while guaranteeing equal opportunity for everyone as we start afresh with life and teaching on campus. We bear in mind the complexities we have all overcome in recent months, and we feel stronger for the experience, ready to reaffirm the importance of meeting in person to work and study together.

As you already know, we were able to reopen the offices immediately on 4 May thanks to the positive course of Phase 2 and the consequent government and regional decrees. Then from 18 May our Library also reopened for individual study activities, with the necessary limitations related to distancing. In light of the recent ministerial decree, from 26 June we will also undertake the first professional training courses at SDA Bocconi, and in doing so we will officially resume in-person teaching activities.

We are therefore pleased to announce that with the start of the 2020-2021 academic year, University teaching will also be able to resume in person, enhanced by digital experiences.

Traditional teaching, carried out in smaller groups that respect social distancing needs but also offer a higher quality of interactions, will be combined with redesigned distance lessons. In this way we will not only experience the next academic year together in an innovative way, but we will contribute to defining the Bocconi of the future. That is, a University able to take advantage of the potential of digital teaching and give greater value to classroom interactions between professors and students and among students, so as to further improve the entire learning cycle.

The goal, as we said, is to guarantee safety without limiting opportunity. For this reason,  we assure those of you who are unable to reach us in Milan in September – whether due to temporary visa restrictions, limited international mobility, health conditions or legal impediments – that you will be able to continue your studies remotely for as long as necessary. This will also ensure full continuity of lessons for all students in the event of new health restrictions imposed by the authorities.
In the coming weeks you will receive specific practical indications about the resumption of campus activities (prep courses, welcomes days, etc.). 

In concrete terms, we are preparing for Phase 3 by redesigning the syllabi of our courses and preparing all the protection and safety measures necessary to guarantee our health in compliance with regulations. All sanitization operations for both external and internal environments are already being performed every day, and will be done more often when necessary (in the case of classrooms, at every lesson change). Furthermore, all communication, signage, prevention and scheduling tools have been set up to comply with the ban on crowding and to guarantee distancing, safe access and temperature measurement.

Bocconi is ready and above all eager to welcome you in September, confident that together we will settle into a new normal on campus, in residences, in classrooms and remotely: because Bocconi is all of us, together.

See you soon!

Gianmario Verona Rector, Riccardo Taranto Managing Director

Covid Crisis Lab
An interdisciplinary center, led by epidemiologist Alessia Melegaro: more than 30 Bocconi researchers studying the impact of the pandemic 

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