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Sports, Fitness and the Outdoors

Milan is home to two of the world's most recognized football teams. Both AC Milan and Inter Milan have won multiple domestic and European soccer titles, and their stripes have been worn by several legendary footballing icons.

While this is a city with a passion for football, it is also home to a number of other sports, and is an excellent place to join a team or improve fitness.

Sporting Action on Your Doorstep

Look beyond Milan's football clubs, and there are many other sports to enjoy. Every September, the Italian Grand Prix takes place on the Monza circuit, known for its fast curves. They may move slower than a Ferrari, but thousands of runners come to Milan to take on the challenge and the historic surroundings of the Milan city marathon. The Olimpia Milano basketball team is one of the most successful in Italy, and cycling here is almost more popular as a sport than as transportation.

A Step Towards Fitness

Sport plays a big role in Bocconi life. Think of a sport and odds are good there’s a team at Bocconi: volleyball, tennis, soccer, golf and water polo are just a few of the options for students who want to meet new friends and get in shape.
The Bocconi Sport Center opened its doors in 2021: it has four floors dedicated to sports, with two swimming pools, a fitness club, a multipurpose arena for team sports and an indoor running track. Bocconi Sport coordinates a range of activities and clubs for students, whether they are interested in casual sport or competitive action at local, national and international tournaments. Find out more about our sports clubs and the Bocconi Sport Center here.

If you enjoy the freedom of running, the three public parks near campus offer plenty of opportunities. You can also head for the spacious Parco Sempione in the center or do some hill running up and down the Montestella. Just about any sport you can think of can be found among the many wellness clubs and sports fields around town, whether it’s football, tennis, indoor and outdoor swimming, dance or yoga.  

Italy's often breathtaking landscape is easily reached, from the beautiful Italian lakes to the majesty of the Alps, with outdoor sporting opportunities that span the four seasons between skiing, windsurfing and trekking - here are some scenic hiking trails within an easy day trip of Milan. Snowboarding on the Matterhorn and swimming in the Mediterranean are both about two hours away.

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