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Car Sharing

There are several different car sharing providers in Milan. Some of the services require an Italian driving license but others also accept EU licenses or international licenses. To register, you will need to provide a valid form of ID or passport and a credit card.

Each company has specific costs and rules, so please see below and check their websites for more details. Here’s an overview of what’s currently available in Milan.


The unique aspect about this service provider is the vehicle available to drive: Smart FourTwo cars. You can reserve online up to 30 minutes before using the car, or just pick up any available car parked nearby. No need to refuel (and if you do, you’ll get “reimbursed” with 20 free minutes to use in the next 30 days), you can park anywhere in the “home area,” including resident parking areas. Free access to the Area C is included. Check out the website for this program, which is also available in English.
Requirements for registration: an EU or international driving license, 18 years old or older, credit card.


Looking for a car sharing service that lets you drive a convertible? Or maybe a BMW or a Mini? Then this is the one for you! There is a one-time registration fee and the driving rates are a little higher than some of its competitors, but DriveNow provides a classier fleet of vehicles than some other services in Milan (including an electric model). And you can even keep your reservation if you have to park the vehicle for awhile before using it again later. The company is also available in several other European countries.
Requirements for registration: a valid driver’s license and a credit card.


The cars available through this service are red Fiat 500s and 500Ls, compact city cars. This provider also has a fleet of Piaggio MP3 3-wheeled scooters, if you want a small motorcycle to zip around traffic. Use the smartphone app to find available vehicles and use the PIN provided. Like its competitors, the Area C city driving tax is included, you can leave the car anywhere inside city limits and there are no fuel costs.
Requirements for registration: a driver’s license from Italy, the US or select European countries, 18 years old or older, Italian fiscal code, credit card, and you need to have had a driver’s license for at least one year.


There around 70 stations to pick up and drop off/recharge the cars throughout Lombardy (only 10 in the city of Milano). This service could be convenient for driving to and from the airport because there are stations at all 3 greater Milano airports. There are 8 different cars from different manufacturers available, some are electric and others are in the “Euro 5” category and use LPG bi-fuel or twinair engines. You can also drive the vehicles in the EU and Switzerland.
Requirements for registration: a valid driver’s license, ID and a credit card.


If you’re looking for electric car sharing options, this provider uses small, Equomobile 2-seaters with over 100km of battery life. The cool thing about the service is that you don’t need to worry about parking your vehicle at a charging station, the company will take care of all those details for you. The website (only available in Italian) has information on where cars are available at all times.
Requirements for registration: valid driver’s license, Italian fiscal code and credit card or prepaid credit card.


This service is available in several cities throughout Europe, including Milan, where there are more than 150 cars around the city. There’s a monthly fee to use the service in addition to dairy or hourly fares. The same company also provides longer-term options, car rentals and taxi service.
Requirements for registration: a driver’s license valid in Italy and a credit card.

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