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About ACT and SAT tests

Q: When will the next SAT and ACT be held?
A: Check the related websites ( and for the most up-to-date information.
Please note:
The last available SAT is on 24 January 2016 


About Admissions

Q. Can I send the dossier by email?
A. All supporting documents must be uploaded online in PDF format into the “My Application – Admission Portal.” Click here for details.

Q. How can I change the information provided in the online application form?
A. If you have not yet completed the online application form, you can login again and change/ add information; if you have already confirmed the online application and wish to modify the information provided, you should get in touch with the Admissions Office by email ( ).

Q. How will you evaluate the ACT?
A. The ACT Composite score will be evaluated (the Writing test is required).

Q. I am an Italian student attending an Italian school, applying to the WBB: do I have to translate my high school transcripts (pagelle)?
A. You do not have to translate Italian high school transcripts when applying to the WBB through the Bocconi website.

Q. I am already enrolled at another university. Can I apply for the WBB?
A. Sorry. Due to its very specific nature, this program is directed at students coming straight out of high school, or recent high school graduates who have no college experience.

Q: When will we receive a physical info/acceptance packet and financial aid information?
A: Physical USC admission and welcome packets are mailed in late spring to all admitted students. DHL is used for international addresses. In addition, all students can access all forms and information via the USConnect website. Access to this website is via your 10-digit USC ID number or the email address you used with your application. If you did not receive your physical packet, you should verify via USConnect that your name and address are correct. If the name and address are correct and you still have not received the physical packet, you can contact the USC admissions office and ask that a packet be resent. In the meantime, all the information you need to access and everything you need to do can be done via USConnect.

Q: Will we be able to use AP/IB credits? And if so, in what way?
A: At a minimum, each school will recognize AP/IB/A-level credits as is normally done for each degree program.

Q: Will our financial aid offers from WBB be posted on USConnect?
A: No, the WBB financial aid offers will not be posted on USConnect. Financial aid offers on USConnect are for the traditional four-year USC BSBA program. No financial aid offers are generated automatically. To find out what financial aid is available, you must first fill out a financial aid application and supply all required documentation. US and non-US citizens can apply for financial aid, but the availability of different sources of aid varies. The USC financial aid office is knowledgeable about sources of aid available to US students studying at USC and abroad and to non-US students studying at USC. The USC financial aid office is not knowledgeable about sources of aid for non-US students when not at USC. Please contact the relevant offices at HKUST and Bocconi.

Q. I can't find the 10-digit code that I need to complete the housing application.
A. The 10-digit USC ID is included in the header of the USC admissions letter that each student received.
Alternatively, students should be able to access the USConnect website ( using the email address they used during the admissions process. 
Once on the USConnect website, students can verify their 10-digit USC ID.


About Academics

Q. Can I retake any exams that I don't pass?
A. Each university has a specific procedure for retaking exams that were not passed. The three universities work together to allow each individual student to continue the program, giving him or her the opportunity to take any missed exams at each partner university (while maintaining the original study program).

Q. Will I have different courses during the 4th year based on which university I choose or are all courses the same?
A. Some of the 4th-year exams will be the same across the three universities (Business Law, Strategy, etc.), but electives will vary from university to university. The workload and the total number of credits are generally the same, in order to guarantee that all prerequisites for graduation at the three universities are met.

Q. Will I take classes with the other 45 students in the program only or with other students from the three universities and thus with larger class groups? Are the courses ad hoc for WBB students or are they the same courses that other students attend too?
A. Each year, several courses will be specifically dedicated to the WBB class group, while others will be held along with students from the three universities, in order to maximize opportunities for interaction with the local economic and social setting.

Q. Can students participate in other study abroad activities? Can students take part in an internship at the end of the 4th year or during the program?
A. During the summer and winter breaks of the program, students can participate in all the initiatives organized by the universities (since they are formally enrolled students at all three universities) according to the methods laid out by each school. Students may also participate in an internship program. Participation in semester exchange programs is not possible – or necessary – as the WBB is by definition an exchange program across three continents.

Q. What degree will I have at the end of the four years? What will the degree be called?
A. The degree’s title will be legally recognized in each educational system. In addition, the diplomas issued individually by the three universities will certify that the student has participated in the joint World Bachelor in Business.

Q. Will the World Bachelor in Business prepare me for admission to a Master program?
A. Yes, the WBB is a fully-accredited undergraduate program. What’s more, the three Bachelor degrees it confers will facilitate application to graduate programs in many countries.

Q: Will I be able to pursue a double major or minor?
A: Academic exploration is encouraged. Completing an additional degree requirement may require additional matriculation time. Advisors will work with you to identify the best means of satisfying your academic aspirations.

Q: What proportion of classes will be specific/exclusive to WBB students?
A: There is at least one WBB cohorted class at each campus. The majority of classes are integrated with the general student population. The goal is to both build camaraderie within the WBB cohort as well as provide the opportunity to experience each school as a "normal" student in the traditional degree program.

Q: Will there be different concentrations to take within the WBB or will it be a predetermined "WBB path"?
A: There are not defined concentrations, but there is an opportunity to choose an area of emphasis via the choice of free electives later in the program.


About Campus Life

Q: What opportunities will there be for leadership, since we will be switching schools (and continents) every year?
A: All of the schools have active and vibrant student groups and extracurricular opportunities. There are many opportunities for students to make a meaningful impact within each academic year. For the WBB, student leadership opportunities are yours (collectively) to create and define. We stand ready to advise and facilitate, just as we do for all of our programs.

Q: What are some examples of WBB group activities?
A: Planned events range from social mixers, to career development workshops, to industry speakers.

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