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International Politics and Government

Program Director: Vincenzo Galasso

The Bachelor of Science in International Politics and Government is the first undergraduate program offered by Bocconi in the field of political science, with a small class composed of international, highly motivated students, and a dedicated faculty coming from abroad. Due to its flexibility, students spend one semester studying abroad at a partner university and have the option of doing an internship.

You will learn how to interpret the evolution of social, economic and political systems in an international perspective, to understand the mechanisms of decision-making within national and international institutions, and develop skills needed for implementing and evaluating policies.

You will also acquire a toolbox of soft and hard skills through active learning from a wide array of subjects: politics, economics, management, law, history and quantitative methods. Large emphasis is placed on three moments of policy-making: designing public policies which are both economically efficient and politically sustainable; implementing public policies with an effective approach; and evaluating public policies using modern quantitative and qualitative techniques.

The program is hence important for the development of abilities for future national and international policy-makers, active players in international organizations and regulatory authorities, and managers in international private firms dealing with an increasingly relevant non-market environment.

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  • Jiwon Lee
    "Participating in the European Business Summit, such an important event attended by European Commissioners, like Pierre Moscovici, and many ministries, was a precious opportunity. And, moreover, speaking at the “Retaining and Attracting Young Talent in Europe Session” to represent the company I intern at - ThinkYoung, was a true honor!"
  • Elisabeth Frommelt
    "Attending the program, then, I fell in love also with the people: the class is supportive, we go out together and there is always someone to help you in case of need."
  • Edoardo Magalini
    "I was particularly impressed by the BSc in International Politics and Government ’s international environment and the chance to debate with people from all over the world. This gives you a first-hand look and you often discover that you have always looked at a situation only from your own point of view."