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International Economics and Finance

Program Director: Chiara Fumagalli

The Bachelor of Science in International Economics and Finance trains the future generation of economics and financial experts, who can adapt to an environment that is constantly subject to change, in order to perfect their inclination towards a global thinking perspective.

You will understand and analyze economics and financial phenomena in an international perspective and get a solid education built on rigorous quantitative and qualitative tools. 

You can choose between two majors. In the Economics major, a sound methodological background gives you the tools to understand a large set of issues: globalization, international and monetary macroeconomics, competition policy, political economics and development economics. In the Finance major, you are exposed to a large set of topics related to the functioning of modern financial systems: capital markets, financial intermediaries, financial contracts and instruments. Principles and applications of corporate finance techniques are all studied and discussed from a global perspective.

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  • Sajal Bansal
    "Studying at Bocconi has been one of the best bets of my life: I chose it for its international reputation and because it’s in Milan, one of the most exciting cities in Europe. Here I experienced the right mix between metropolitan life style and Italian tradition… and discovered aperitif, now a staple in my daily routine"
  • Sidar Cem Alagöz
    "Milan is a great mix – with both an easygoing, comfortable lifestyle, and a lively and exciting scene with lots of activities. There is also a good mix between the warm, emotional culture of the south and the hard-working, organized culture of the north. The best combination!"