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Economics and Management for Arts, Culture and Communication

Program Director: Francesca Beccacece

Starting in the 2016-2017 a.y., Bocconi University will offer the Bachelor of Science in Economics and Management for Arts, Culture and Communication, taught entirely in English. The program gives you a strong preparation in the field of Economics and Business along with a distinctive focus on the Humanities, enhancing your ability to listen and judge critically and constructively. Through its tailored content and teaching plan, the program aims to engage students who are curious about the artistic (museums, theaters and auction houses), cultural (publishing, music and television) and creative sectors (fashion, design, communication and urban development).

During the program, you will focus especially on project management through group projects and workshops inspired by companies and institutions, and managed by faculty members. Active learning is an essential feature of the curriculum and interaction between students with different backgrounds encourages an exchange of views and development of listening skills.

This Bachelor aims to produce managerial and entrepreneurial professionals able to work in international environments thanks to their ability to adapt and interact with different cultures and languages.

Milan, a city that hosts a large number of cultural companies and institutions, is the perfect setting for the program.

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  • Teresa Scoglio
    "I love music, so I chose a program that combines subjects in economics and management with the humanities. I know it will provide me with the skills I need so that one day I can work in the music industry."
  • Giovanna Spiga
    "Bocconi is challenging because it taught me to manage competition in a healthy way. It is also efficient because the yoU@B agenda contains the schedule of all the lessons and exams and allows you to organize yourself. And it is proud of me as I am of her!"
  • Gloria Tagliani
    "The program opened my mind because it perfectly combines management with cultural industries. This is accomplished through valuable workshops and electives, which provide an all-around understanding of the different sectors."