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Economics, Management and Computer Science

Hear from Employers
Successful companies have all addressed the digital transformation of their production, marketing processes and management culture. Data and its management are the real competitive levers of the future.
Roberto Liscia President, Netcomm
The new challenge for companies is to have leaders capable of understanding both digital technologies and business, defining and executing their strategies in the new competitive landscape: global, digital, mobile and social.
Fabio Spoletini Country Manager, Oracle Italia

Program Director: Emanuele Borgonovo

The Bachelor of Science in Economics, Management and Computer Science is a unique program, at the cutting edge of today’s digital revolution that, among the first bachelor programs internationally, aims to train the new generation of digital talents, a generation in which the combination of quantitative skills and rigorous thinking is essential for success.

New technologies and social media are revolutionizing the economy. Articial intelligence and Big Data are changing decision and policy making and creating new business opportunities. New professional roles are steadily emerging. The EU Coalition for digital jobs suggests 825,000 jobs in the digital economy by 2020 in the sole Europe. Responding to the challenge requires talents that combine quantitative and computer science skills, with the rigorous thinking of the economic and management sciences.

This program addresses young talents who wish to play a leading role in the data driven era. The overall objective is to comprehend – and enable decision makers in firms and institutions to grasp – the strategic implications of quantitative information for economic, managerial and financial decisions. It provides a solid grounding in quantitative disciplines (mathematics, statistics and informatics), combined with the teaching of economics, management and law, to acquire, organize and process data.

You will be able to personalize your study plan by choosing electives in your preferred subjects, by spending a semester abroad in one of the several prestigious partner universities of Bocconi, and by part taking into seminars with partner companies that will provide insight from the real world.

Before a computer can be intelligently used, a model must be formulated and good algorithms developed George B. Dantzig

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  • Daniela Di Rienzo
    "The digital world is my passion and the Bsc in Economics, Management and Computer Science is a great opportunity to make my dreams come true, to meet many different people and to try something new. I hope my first year as a university student will be full of passion, dedication, innovation and tradition as well!"
  • Guglielmo Gattiglio
    "I chose this BSc because of my strong interest towards programming - I like using programming languages such as Visual Basic and Java – and the interactions between computers and the environment: I’ve been fascinated by the nature of this program!"
  • Alessandra De Bin
    "This is a forward-looking program, like me. I think it’s innovative and unique. I’m expecting a challenging first year at Bocconi and I’ll do my best! In the coming years I’ll keep in mind what Steve Jobs said: "Stay hungry, stay foolish!""