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Objectives and Candidate Profile

Candidate profile
The master is tailored to fit both the requirements of:

  • economics graduates who want to develop applied skills in the field of quantitative finance and risk management;
  • graduates in non-economics quantitative subjects (mathematics, physics, statistics, engineering, computer science etc.), lacking a specific training in economics and finance;
  • young professionals with limited working experience.

We look for talented, motivated individuals wishing to pursue a career in the field of applied finance and ready to dedicate 12 months of challenging, intense study to the achievement of this goal.

Mafinrisk's mission is to create fully independent specialists combining quantitative and operational skills together with institutional competencies. For this reason the technical skills developed in our program are complemented with courses dedicated to more general economic and institutional aspects of finance.

The program is of particular relevance to those planning to work, or working in the fields of:

  • capital markets, sales and trading;
  • risk control and risk management;
  • investment management and hedge funds;
  • new product design and structuring;
  • derivatives pricing, trading and risk management;
  • financial modelling.

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