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PhD in Statistics

PhD program Director
Prof. Antonio Lijoi

PhD Administrative Assistant
Angela Baldassarre

Starting from a.y 2020-21, the PhD in Statistics will be no longer offered as it will be replaced by the PhD program in Statistics and Computer Science. For details see

Within the PhD School at Università Bocconi, the four-year PhD program in Statistics gives a solid theoretical grounding for high level research in universities and international research institutions.  

The PhD in Statistics aims at offering graduate students not only solid skills in probability and statistics, but also an interdisciplinary view of applied mathematics areas and decision processes under uncertainty. The program involves highly renowned researchers in statistics, applied mathematics, decision sciences and economics at Bocconi.

The program is organized into two years of courses, and two years exclusively devoted to the doctoral thesis. First- and second-year courses aim to provide graduate students with a solid mathematical and probabilistic basis, in-depth methodological knowledge of statistical methods and specialized skills. The third and fourth years are entirely devoted to research. Dedicated mentorship is offered to students throughout their time at Bocconi. Multidisciplinary interchange with other graduate programs in Bocconi's PhD school is also encouraged.

The Faculty of the PhD in Statistics includes scholars at Bocconi's Department of Decision Sciences, internationally well-acknowledged in the fields of Bayesian and classical statistics and decision sciences. The program also includes monographic courses held by visiting professors from the most prestigious Universities and research institutions.

The PhD in Statistics is designed for motivated students who wish to undertake first-rate research careers in theoretical or applied statistics or decision sciences, in academic or research institutions. Other career opportunities include central banks, governments and international organizations, and financial institutions. In recent years our students in Statistics have been hired by prestigious schools and organizations, such as: the Bank of Italy, the European Central Bank, Harvard University, Montreal University, Texas University, the MD Anderson Cancer Center, Zagreb University, Università di Torino, Università di Pavia and other prestigious research and financial institutions.

Course Structure

During the first year, PhD students have to attend compulsory courses and pass the exams in a satisfactory way. At the end of the year they have to sit a general exam.
During the second year, students have to attend compulsory and optional courses and pass the corresponding exams.
The third and fourth years are devoted to the doctoral thesis, which is the capstone of the PhD degree. It is expected to be an original piece of research of publishable quality.



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