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PhD in Law of Business and Commerce

Starting with 2014-15, the PhD in Law of Business and Commerce and the PhD in International Law and Economics are no longer offered as independent Ph.D. programs, as they are merged in the new PhD Program in Legal Studies.

The PhD in Law of Business and Commerce (Diritto dell'Impresa) at Università Bocconi offers an innovative program, together rigorous and flexible. The course focuses on the law governing corporations and their relationships with different constituencies, combining an interdisciplinary approach and an international perspective.

The PhD lasts three years and PhD students, in addition to preparing their final dissertation, attend courses, write papers under the supervision of a Faculty member, and lecture on selected topics. While very challenging, the structure of the program is also very flexible allowing each student to personalize his or her activities to fit his or her research interests.
Part of the program is taught in Italian, part in English.

The first year is dedicated to substantive law courses and methodological courses aimed at providing students with a solid base for future research. Each PhD student is assigned a tutor who supervises his or her research activities.

During the second year, students can choose one of the following fields: Corporate Law and Securities Regulation; Antitrust; White-collar Crimes; Employment Law; Corporate Litigation and Bankruptcy.
Within each field PhD candidates can design their own curriculum together with the assigned tutor. It is also possible to choose among courses in economics, finance and accounting offered by Bocconi's Graduate and PhD Schools.

The third year is dedicated to the completion of the dissertation. In this year it is possible to undertake a period of study abroad at leading academic and research institutions in Europe and in the United States.

The PhD program is designed to prepare and foster an academic career, in Italy or on the international job market. Other career opportunities include national and international organizations, regulatory agencies, and the practise of law. In the last few years PhDs and PhD candidates have joined Italian and foreign universities and Law Schools, institutions such as the Italian Stock Exchange Commission (Consob), have become judges or have joined leading international law firms. The tutors and the Career Service of Università Bocconi are available to assist candidates in their job search.

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