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Simone Santamaria


Field: Strategy 
Research Interests: Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Graduation: May 2018





Phone: (+39) 02 58362732


Company Growth or Business Growth? Business Group Formation as a Strategic Growth Option

Successful entrepreneurs can grow their business in two ways. They can increase the size of their original company or create other companies (different legal entities). We call the former company growth and the latter business group growth. We provide a formal model that clarifies the circumstances under which group growth is more advantageous than traditional company growth and test our hypotheses using a longitudinal dataset of more than 4000 Italian first-time entrepreneurs. Our theory posits that entrepreneurs who opt for group growth can more easily attract external resources in their business and grow faster. The novelty of the study is the focus on the individual-the entrepreneur- rather than the company as the focal unit of analysis to study business growth, and the antecedents of business group formation.



Simone Santamaria. “Portfolio Entrepreneurs’ Behavior and Performance: An Intertemporal Economies of Scope Perspective” – Revise and Resubmit at Management Science

Niloofar Abolfathi and Simone Santamaria. “Start-up Entry and Demand-Side Disruption: Evidence from the US Mobile Dating Application Industry” – Preparing for submission     

Simone Santamaria, Alfonso Gambardella, Paola Cillo, and Salvatore Torrisi. “Digital Transformation of Companies: Why a Data-driven Culture is Essential” – Writing draft

Stefano Breschi, Carmelo Cennamo and Simone Santamaria. “Resource Complementarity in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: an Exploratory Analysis using LinkedIn Data” – Writing draft

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