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Michela Carlana


Field: Economics

Research Interests: Labor, Education, Development Economics

(Expected) Graduation: May 2018




Mobile: (+39) 3407980920

Phone: (+39) 02 58365177

I will be available for interviews at the SAEe meeting in Barcelona (14 -16 December 2017), at the RES meeting in London (19-20 December 2017) and at ASSA meeting in Philadelphia, PA (January 5-7, 2018).

“Stereotypes and Self-Stereotypes: Evidence from Teachers’ Gender Bias”

I study the impact of exposure to gender-biased teachers on student achievement and self-confidence. Gender gap in math performance substantially increases when students are quasi randomly assigned to teachers with stronger stereotypes (as measured by an implicit association test). The effect is driven by lower performance of female students, while there is no impact on males. Those lagging behind the most when assigned to biased teachers are girls from disadvantaged backgrounds and with lower initial level of achievements. Furthermore, teacher bias induces females to undertake less demanding high-schools, following the track recommendation from their teachers. Finally, I uncover the crucial role of teachers in affecting self-confidence of girls in the scientific field. Teacher bias has a substantial negative impact on females’ own assessment of math ability. The paper exploits a unique dataset that I have built combining administrative information on pupils with newly collected questionnaire on students and more than 1.400 teacher. The findings are consistent with the hypothesis that ability-stigmatized groups underperform failing to achieve their potential.


“Goals and Gaps: Educational Careers of Immigrant Children” joint with E. La Ferrara (Bocconi University) and P. Pinotti (Bocconi University).


“Immigration, Natives’ Marriage and Family Structure during the Age of Mass Migration” joint with M. Tabellini (MIT).

“Revealing Stereotypes: Teacher Bias and Immigrants Performance” joint with A. Alesina (Harvard University), E. La Ferrara (Bocconi University) and P. Pinotti (Bocconi University).

GirlsCodeItBetter” joint with M. Fort (University of Bologna).

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