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PhD fellowship

Merit-based fellowships are awarded to the best ranked students, in relation to the number of available fellowships in each PhD program.
The fellowships awarded on a merit basis amount to € 13,838.47 per annum (before social security/INPS contributions – see below), which is above the minimum amount of € 13,638.47 stated by Italian law for PhD fellowships.
Students may be authorized by the Program Director to temporarily study and do research abroad in private and public bodies and institutions.

For the period of time spent abroad, the fellowship is increased by 50% of € 13,638.47, the minimum amount stated by law for PhD fellowships, in proportion to the duration of the stay abroad, which, in any case, cannot exceed a total of 18 months.

Foreign students must obtain their personal “codice fiscale” (Italian univocal ID number), which serves to identify individuals in their relations with the state and other public bodies. Related information can be found on the Bocconi website.

The amount of the fellowship is gross, as social security contributions of about 10.57% must be paid on the fellowship amount. This percentage may vary, as a result of changes to legislation.
Contributions are deducted directly from each monthly gross installment of the fellowship and paid to INPS (National Social Security Institute) by Bocconi University.

PhD students must register with INPS, “gestione separata”.
In order to register with INPS, a PIN must be requested from any INPS office.
The nearest office to Bocconi University is: Piazza Missori 8/10 (telephone no. +39 0285621; email address; opening times Monday to Thursday: 8:30am-12:30pm/2:00pm-4:00pm, in the afternoon only by appointment / Friday 8:30am-12:30pm).
Registration with INPS “gestione separata” shall be made online at:

In order to complete the registration with the “gestione separata”, students must specify the start date of their fellowship (1 September yyyy), and select as the type of activity “collaboratore o altra attività”.
Bocconi University’s “codice fiscale” is 80024610158 and the university's address is Via Sarfatti 25, 20136 Milano.

The fellowship officially starts in September of each year and is paid every year in twelve installments with the following deadlines:

1st  and  2nd INSTALLMENTS end of October € 2,473.07
3rd INSTALLMENT end of November € 1,136.54
4th  INSTALLMENT end of December € 1,136.54
5th  INSTALLMENT end of January € 1,136.54
6th  INSTALLMENT end of February € 1,136.54
7th  INSTALLMENT end of March € 1,136.54
8th  INSTALLMENT end of April € 1,136.54
9th  INSTALLMENT end of May € 1,136.54
10th  INSTALLMENT end of June € 1,136.54
11th  INSTALLMENT end of July € 1,136.54
12th  INSTALLMENT end of August € 1,136.54

These fellowships cannot be added on to other fellowships of any kind, except those granted by domestic or foreign institutions for the students who are required to spend some time abroad.
A PhD student who has been awarded a fellowship for a PhD program cannot be awarded a second one for another PhD program.
Fellowships can be renewed in the following years if the PhD program requirements are met.
Income from the fellowship is tax free.
All PhD students (with or without a fellowship) are required to pay the current annual regional tax of € 140, whose amount may be modified by law at a later date.
If fellowships are granted by non-university institutions, the Admission Board assigns them according to the ranking of the applicants and the field of research agreed upon with each institution.

Fellowships based on merit and financial conditions are managed by ISU Bocconi.
ISU Bocconi – Student Assistance and Financial Aid Center – coordinates and provides Bocconi students with grants and services which provide equal access to University studies as foreseen by regional law no. 33, 13 December 2004.
Applications should be sent to ISU Bocconi following the public competition instructions, which are published every year at:

All students without a Bocconi or ISU fellowship are allowed to receive fellowships by external institutions.

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