Bocconi Tuition and Fees

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For students enrolled in their 1st year in the 2019-2020 academic year, the registration fee, tuition, regional tax and fixed stamp duties amount to € 13.873, subject to the adjustment regarding the rate of inflation ISTAT FOI 2018 (this update will be available from January 2019).

Amounts and installments for students enrolled from 2nd year 2019-2020 a.y. will be pubblished soon.

Throughout the entire legal duration of the degree program, the amounts due for the registration fee and tuition will be adjusted regarding inflation and any other updates.

Moreover, students can benefit from further fee reductions through percentage reductions or evaluation of the particular situation of the family.

For Bocconi students who decide to attend a second Master of Science program at Bocconi, a reduction of 40% off the overall cost of tuition and fees is offered. This is equal to exemption from the 2nd payment installment.

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