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MAFINRISK - Master of Quantitative Finance and Risk Management


Mafinrisk XIV Edition, September 2017 - July 2018

The Master of Quantitative Finance and Risk Management is a Specialized Master program taught entirely in English. It focuses specifically on quantitative finance and risk management and covers a broad spectrum of technical financial applications. Finance requires a rigorous math oriented and flexible mind. MAFINRISK offers a blend of theory, practical knowledge and technical skills, giving students a sound basis to manage the world of quantitative finance and preparing them for success in the workplace. MAFINRISK is a full-time program with an extensive range of fundamentals, core courses and electives. It will allow you to indulge your passion using a rigorous and skills-based approach and will offer you a framework of new skills, highly focused course content as well as an international perspective.


Program Director
Francesco Corielli 

September 2017 - July 2018

For information:
tel. +39 02 5836.5979
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