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The Value of a Bocconi Master Program

A wide range of Master programs are offered at the Graduate School for the 2017-2018 academic year. They aim to meet the educational needs of recent graduates or graduates with some professional experience who are interested in expanding their skills in specific areas.
The Graduate School coordinates 7 pre-experience Specialized Master programs, 2 of which are held in English. They are also open to graduates from non-economic and business programs.
Other Bocconi Master programs include:

  • 2 Specialized Master programs in law, coordinated by the School of Law
  • 17 post-experiences programs, ranging from Specialized Master programs and MBAs to executive courses, coordinated by the SDA Bocconi School of Management

Specialized Master Programs
Specialized Masters are pre-experience programs that focus on specific company functions, market segments or areas of expertise with a decidedly international viewpoint. They are for graduates of a three-year undergraduate program, preferably with no more than two years of work experience.
In addition to rigorous training, students acquire a set of skills that are immediately attractive on the job market. A mix of theory and practice is particularly effective, as confirmed by graduate placement statistics.
A select cohort of students with a variety of backgrounds and coming from universities located all over the world make up each class group. Participants share their time inside and outside the classroom, with many opportunities for personal growth and networking.
Specialized Master programs are based on first-class teaching and the experience of Bocconi faculty members, who complete avant-garde research and have the practical experience of daily contact with employers. Students learn through rigorous and interactive teaching methods that include case-based activities, workshops, company visits and guest speakers.

Main Features
Masters last one academic year, with between 400 and 500 teaching hours plus an internship. Programs award between 60 and 72 educational credits (with each credit corresponding to 25 hours of student work).
Students are required to attend at least 80% of the total duration of the program and pass one or more exams assessing the skills acquired.
Admission follows a selection process based on the applicant’s CV, a test and/or an individual interview.

Graduate School Specialized Master Programs (Pre-Experience)
Economics & Finance MAFINRISK - Master of Quantitative Finance and Risk Management (taught in English)
Energy, Environmental Management and Sustainability MaGER - Master in Green Management, Energy and Corporate Social Responsibility (taught in English)
Public utilities, Transportation and Environmental Services MEMIT - Economia e management dei trasporti, della logistica e delle infrastrutture
Accounting  MAAC - Accounting, Auditing & Control
Marketing & Communication MiMeC - Marketing e comunicazione
Business Organization, Human Resources MasterOP - Organizzazione e personale
Tourism, Entertainment, Fashion, Sports   MET - Economia del turismo


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